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Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by fugu, Dec 14, 2012.

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    Hey broza,
    Which book by Dr Seigel would you recommend? If you don't mind me asking...
  2. Hey fugu,

    I read ur entire story and u sound exactly like me. Ur experiences are the same as what I'm going through. I would very much appreciate it if you could read my post and let me know ur thoughts on how I can recover pleasee

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    Sent you a PM about Post-orgasm symptoms, but have another question which I think may be of use to many rebooters here.

    So far, I am doing alright, been rebooting for 2.5 months right now and noticing quite a bit of improvement in my symptoms (they are gradual, and a little bit up and down) and avoiding orgasm and all forms of porn.

    I DID however orgasm to porn fantasy at the end of August, and what's funny is...it only made me feel bad for like 3 quarters of a day or so, after that it faded and my symptoms fluctuated as if I never did it. Though some motivation I had for things faded, my other symptoms were alright. Perhaps I wasn't as deep into this as others (only been PMOing from the age of 15 for nearly 4 years at that point, but looked at porn for 9 years), so who knows. Not going to experiment again for a few months as I am dealing with Candida at the moment (just want to get that reduced before I do something hasty).

    The question I needed to ask was this, do you have any idea what would be the best routine for someone addicted to PMO to orgasm while they try to reboot? Right now, I lack a girlfriend or social life (don't tell me I am lazy, I am going to work on it in the coming weeks, I swear) to really rewire with and the withdrawal symptoms are driving me crazy (doesn't help I am a chronic worrier, sometimes I read stuff about health conditions I clearly don't have and freak out about it, a recent post in the -19 board on here is an example of this despite not having symptoms like what the teenager described http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/index.php?topic=31655.0), so some advice would be really useful.

    Sidenote: Orgasms, even from wet dreams, don't appear to be immensely damaging. Yet I really don't want to risk it at all right now. Wet dreams do absolutely jack (had one the other day, feel no set backs). I do recall getting some testicular pain after intentionally orgasming at the end of August, but that sometimes happened (rarely) during my PMO days and never when having a wet dream for some reason.

    Also, my libido has been showing signs of life in the last month. Had a two moments of increased sexual vigour (no erections, you get what I mean ^^), a moment where I had porn cravings, and a single moment of a spontaneous erection (very weak, but the first I have ever had in forever). And I even had one dream where I was about to have sex with a girl...which is unusual since I was masturbating to fetish porn for the last few years. Is this a sign of rewiring or what? It was weird as hell for me.

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