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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by Living, Jan 30, 2021.

  1. Eternity

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    Moving on is the important part, something I'm extremely bad at. I know that your mind will want to plan for this home alone week. But the good thing is that you know it well in advance and can prepare.
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    Been there my friend... I have a structured plan for this "opportunity" week is critical. Last time I was in a similar situation (although only for the weekend not a full week) I called in (I think it was actually Zoom) to a PAA (https://pornaddictsanonymous.org/) meeting. It was helpful to speak aloud what I was struggling with. Unfortunately
    I gave in the next day and went back to PMO...
    I had several discusions with someone who used to post on this site about similar feelings to the above. He coined the phrase "Doom" feelings. They manifest as a "missed out" feeling when seeing attractive women in real life. Two things have somewhat helped me. 1. Have a "good" (whatever that means to you) intimate/sexual connection with your partner. I've found that if it has been "a long time" since I have been with my wife then the Doomed feelings are greatly intensified. 2. Ask yourself what you really think you are "missing out on". For me, I determined that what I would most want when seeing these women does not actually exist in the real world. I am not looking to be single and have the option to date. No. The only way for the doomed feeling to be satisfied is for these women to enthusiastically want to be sexual with me due to no effort on my part. The women would just want sex with me in the way I am looking for it at the time. There would also be no repercussions (drama, STI's, ect.) and I would still be happily married to my wife. Basically I would be able to recreate the porn viewing experience in real life. Recognizing how out of touch with reality these thoughts are helped to lessen the feelings a bit.

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