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    It still find it hard to see why I am currently doing very well. There is this part of me that definitly wants to watch porn, indulge in it even. To have this moment where I can totally let go and get that good feeling and then just move on again...or not. But there is also the part that absolutely will not have that. The part that understands that right now porn will not be part of my journey. At the moment I don't have any reason to believe that part of me can't easily go 200 days or even a year. The idea of never watching porn again is still kind of hard to grasp, but knowing that I can deal with it right now feels really good. But the thing is that I can't really pinpoint why things are going so well, even easy, right now. I could say that I finally decided that porn can't be part of my life, but then again, there have been times when I was more motivated and tried harder. That in itself makes me wonder if I should try harder. Perhaps this is a good time for me to get some things done. I don't know...sometimes this just feels weird.

    Three good things:
    -I've decided to make amends with one of my best friends with whom things kinda blew up two years ago. He can be rather difficult guy and two years ago things just got a bit out of hand and I was simply done with it. Since then we've seen each other a few times at parties, but we don't talk, which has become just plain awkward. And that's not just to us, but also to others. While I still value our friendship and will always be there for him if he needs it, I have accepted that we're not that close anymore. What I would like though is that we can casually talk to each other again at parties so things don't become awkward. I went to his house two times this weekend, but both times we wasn't there. Still, I'm happy that at least I came to this point. I have to see what comes out of it, but at least I know I've tried.
    -I'm going to try and get ready for a pretty cool 15 km run in november. Right now I can do a 12 km pretty easily, so it should be doable in two months. However I currently run in level train and this run is known for its hills (I live in the Netherlands, so it's all relative). But still, if the sports medical test this friday goes well, I'm definitly going to train for it and sign up. Having a goal like that is really motivating to me, so I'm already looking forward to that:)
    -I had a rather good weekend. Got some important things done, did a bit of exposure, had a nice time with my GF, slept well, reached out to some of my friends, did a 11 km run and went to a nice exhibition on Italian realism.
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    Maybe this type of thinking is the part of you that still has doubts in yourself ? And tries to see what you're doing wrong, because clearly you must still be doing something wrong (the critic voice). Maybe it's a bit of silly over analyzing ? The mind looking for problems ? (Though getting things done is usually not a bad idea ;)).

    Maybe you're trying well, playing it smart and skillfully which explains why you're doing good. Maybe not trying hard, but trying well is what is helping.

    I may be projecting so totally disregard this if it doesn't make sense ;) ! It's just an idea I got when I read what you shared.

    This being said, totally cool on your 3 good things ! Hope you get those positive medical results back so you can work on that 15 km ! Go get those Dutch hills :D
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    I don't think it's about doubts. Maybe it's overanalyzing, but it could be innocent curiosity too. I have an investigative mind, I want to know how things work. I agree that my approach might be more effective than those of others, but in that case I still would like to know what makes it more effective. And ofcourse there are some things that I think might add to that effect, but I just don't know if they explain everything. Perhaps is 50% trying well and 50% luck. Perhaps things simply clicked for me. Come to think of it, I have written something before about how making positive steps doesn't guarantee that your life gets better, but that it 'just' increases the chance of your life getting better. And maybe that's it:)
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    Bezoechow Member

    What might be the case, what I personally believe is at least part of it, is that our approach of allowing masturbation avoids the sexual frustration time bomb. I've seen it trip up Gil, for example, who had been doing very well before. Besides that I think you're ability to accept yourself and others for who they are is helping you stay connected. Honestly I've been taking it for granted that you would continue being sober when really it's a great accomplishment. Good job Living.

    Is that the exhibition in Assen? I've heard about it, almost makes me want to go to Drenthe :p Might be a good reason to visit my aunt there!
  5. Living

    Living Well-Known Member

    While I also think that how I deal with masturbation makes things easier for me, I don't think you can compare Gil's situation with mine. I have my own sources of stress, but having two babies to deal with is a completely different game. If I was in his situation I don't think things were going this smooth either.

    And yeah, it's the Assen exhibition. The last couple of years they have some really nice exhibitions there. The Glasgow Boys was my favourite.
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    Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't want to imply that Gil could have done differently. In that period he was too tired and distracted for masturbation anyway. It seemed to me a good example of how increasing sexual frustration can eventually lead to a relapse, but you're right that stress and exhaustion played a major role too. I've heard often that dads of young children have short periods of acting out because of all the pressure of caring for newborn babies.
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    Living Well-Known Member

    I understand that you didn't want to imply that. It's just that whenever Gil posts about his lack of sleep I realize how lucky I am right now. Not that I think having babies is all burden, I can only imagine how much joy they can bring too, it's just that I really value my sleep a whole lot. Like I said, if I was in his situation I would have a hard time too.
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  8. Gil79

    Gil79 Seize the day

    Hmm, I think I should get a lawyer to defend myself here :p

    Definitely interesting discussion. Living, all the ingredients are there for you to overcome the addiction, but I think your main strength is your positivity and the fact that you have worked hard for it. Since I met yoy here you've been further building your life that doesnt need porn or even where there is no place for porn. A long-term plan and you stuck to it.

    I know this will work for me as well, but I need some time I guess. My previous streak was destined to fail, cauae I postponed regaining intimacy and sex wirh Mrs Gil. That is number 1 thing to work on for me for my recovery. The babies, yeah makes it more difficult on one hand, but also great motivator on other hand.
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    Living Well-Known Member

    Thanx @Gil79! Lol, I don't know about the long-term plan though. Not sure if I ever really had a clear plan. But perhaps that's because I was more busy with values than I was with goals. Maybe that's another thing that really attributed to where I am now. By persistently trying to stick to my values day in, day out I think I have cultivated a certain mindset that makes things a whole lot easier these days. I did that in many different ways, but for example the three good things journal where I learned to pay more and more attention to things I love has definitly changed how I look at things. You mention my positivity, but I don't think I'm always that positive. If I was always positive I don't think I would have turned to porn like I did in the first place. But persistently getting back to all those beautiful things that life does offer that is something I really need. And I guess it has come to the point where it's not even a choice anymore. Sure, I have off days, I have days that are too stressed to really do those things, but if I want to take the direction I want my life to go, this is really the least I can do. And that point where I seem to be right now is a huge help in dealing with this.

    And I can understand the babies being a great motivator too. It's just that my sleep is kinda holy to me and when my girlfriend hasn't had enough sleep and I haven't had enough sleep and I have way more things to manage than I have time for and that goes on and on and on for weeks. Maaaaaan...I really have a deep respect how you or anybody else in that situation manages that. Sure, you didn't have a perfect streak, but I really think you maintained working on your issues rather well. Especially when we look at those circumstances.
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  10. Gil79

    Gil79 Seize the day

    Maybe you should count the number of smiley faces you have posted here :D. Still trembling every time I open your journal, fearing to be blown away by the 10-smiley face post. It is not a matter of 'if' it will come, but 'when' it will come :eek:;)

    This half year was definitely the toughest in my life in terms of endurance, but also the most satisfying. I have never felt so much love. Ok, that sounds cheesy, but well whk cares :p
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    Living Well-Known Member

    I'm waiting for the right moment to make the ten smiley post. When nobody is expecting it anymore and think I have lost my touch, that's when I will hit this board with that ultimate ten smiley post:)

    Three good things:
    -The sports medical test went well. No heart or lung issues, good values, excellent endurance. I do have to do my endurance training with a bit lower heart rate. Not a whole lot, but it's good to know. Tried it on a 11 km run Saturday morning and it actually went better than expected. Overall I'm really happy I did the test.
    -Had probably the most grown up talk with my girlfriend about the amount of times we have sex. I think this is really a good example of where I am right now. It really made me feel like I have grown as a person.
    -A friend apped me this ad from a plant nursery that were looking for people to take over the place in a couple of years. Now, I would really really love to have a nursery and the fact that they were all organical and all really appealed to me. But it's not the right time for me. What was awesome though is how my girlfriend supported me. Sometimes she is sceptical of my wilder ideas, but yesterday she was like:" Think about it. If this is something you really want, we can find a way to make this happen." That just meant sooooo much to me. I'm really lucky being with her:)
    -Bonus good thing: I had a plain awesome weekend!
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    Bezoechow Member

    Sounds good Living! Great to hear that your girlfriend is supporting you. Taking over a plant nursery seems like an awesome idea and right up your alley.
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  13. Living

    Living Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it would be quite a big step, not just for me, but also for her. It would affect her career too. So yeah, that support really meant a whole lot to me:)

    For the rest things are going fine. Not much to report at the moment.

    Three good things:
    -I bought a sketch book I can take to work:) I really like the sketching and my other sketch book is a bit big, so it was time I bought a smaller one.
    -I've been trying cold showers for a few days now. Right now I try to get through the state of hyperventilation and then relax for a minute or so. An excellent form of energizing torture. I'll see where that takes me. I can imagine that it's good for certain stuff. Besides, it's good for using less gas too:)
    -Did another 11 km run. I'm really getting used to them now. They feel pretty good!
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