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Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by Living, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. Living

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    Day 22: had some urges this morning, but could handle it pretty well.

    Three good things:
    1. Got a new contract with one of my employers. That was really nice, because it's probably my favorite employer. I will be trying to also get some projects from one of their other branches. That's a bit further off, but they do some pretty cool stuff.
    2. Finished one of the big things I was working on around the house: a 2,60 m wide bookcase that needed a lot of painting. Now it's finished I can put stuff in it. I think it will give us a lot more space!
    3. Did a very good workout yesterday. I began chest presses again about two weeks ago, but I only just the bar up till now. Yesterday I added 30 kg and that went very well. No pain, so that's good:)
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  2. Fry2

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    Congratulations on 3 weeks clean and all the good news. :)
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  3. Living

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    Thanx Fry!

    I have to add another good thing by the way:
    I have this bush in my garden which in English is called a phaesant berry (Leycesteria formosa). I got one from my mother in law who has like five of them and they have these really pretty flavours which bloom in late summer and autumn. After a while the flowers turn into berries and I remember that last winter I googled if they were edible. It turned out that they were and that they tasted of burned caramel and chocolate. Back then the berries were already gone, but when this week when I saw them again I decided to try a few and they are great. You shouldn't eat a handfull, but just one or two whenever you walk by is pretty nice. And they taste exactly like burned caramel. It's a sweet molasses taste with just a bitter hint and indeed a bit chocolaty too. A great find:)
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