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  1. wilder

    wilder Member

    Ha once someone new steps up to hosting it, I'm sure it will pickup traction. Not trying to be a downer, but I remember this the first go around. It ended sometime in early 2014 - maybe around February? Since that everyone's been talking about starting it up but nobody has.
  2. JourneyToFreedom93

    JourneyToFreedom93 New Member

    How do I play/sign up ?
  3. jester554

    jester554 New Member

    Sign me in. Im ready like i never was before
  4. Fapstronaut

    Fapstronaut "Now that I know better, I do better"

    I'd be on board with another one of these challenges as I am incredibly competitive and I think it could/would give me a real focus on being more diligent in this.
  5. Kay

    Kay Embrace the process

    I'm in
  6. I_can_do_this

    I_can_do_this New Member

    I am totally new to this, but I want to be all in from the beginning on! Sign me up! :)
  7. tanyasoklan

    tanyasoklan New Member

    How to sing up in this challenge? ???
  8. Nightfapper01

    Nightfapper01 New Member

    Please add me

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