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  1. Icarus009

    Icarus009 New Member

    I'd be glad to participate if there is another round :)
  2. lol wow this threads still around... ;D. 540 days PMO free if anyone thinks they can go to 1000 with me challenge away :).
  3. rustcohle

    rustcohle New Member

    Guys, if anybody wants a duel right now, PM me. I think competition may help me stop relapsing in the first days.
  4. black_mask

    black_mask Guest

    This is awesome. Is this still on ? I wanna participate in it ;D
  5. Icarus009

    Icarus009 New Member

    rustcohle and I have decided that we're gonna duel each other. We are thinking of making a new thread if there are others who would wish to participate and if the second round of duels doesn't start soon.
  6. yearofchange

    yearofchange Your actions matter.

    I will be down too Icarus
  7. kopp

    kopp Member

    It makes months and months you guys are talking about doing a new version of the challenges.
    All it takes is to open a new thread.

    Yet no one does it.

    How do you expect to win the challenge if you don't even have the balls to launch it again?
  8. black_mask

    black_mask Guest

    You wanna go for it kopp if you're motivated ? :D
  9. kopp

    kopp Member

    What do you mean by "go for it"? Challenge you? Or open a new challenge thread myself?
  10. black_mask

    black_mask Guest

    We can make a new thread if you want to. We make a challenge you & me and if anyone else wants to join then they're welcome. Or it can be just the both of us, whatever you want. After two weeks no pmo it starts getting boring so I really need motivation :D
    What do you think ?
  11. kopp

    kopp Member

    sending you a pm :)
  12. WarriorOfLight

    WarriorOfLight New Member

    I've just had a relapse and think this is the perfect motivation to get back up. I'd love to duel someone.
  13. alphabetaomega001

    alphabetaomega001 "No. Edge Not. Fap. Or Fap Not. There is No Edge."

    Darn, I seem to be a bit late, but......

    Count me in!
  14. KingJames

    KingJames Member

    So a new thread is gonna be up? I'd like to join.
  15. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Yep, me too.
  16. InnovativeNameHere

    InnovativeNameHere New Member

    Also very interested in this (O with partner version) 8)
  17. susheelramadoss

    susheelramadoss i am 21 and trying to quit this habit

    i find it difficult to return back to life as usual ! as my friends are not very outgoing as i wasnt very friendly earlier !
  18. Luxeon

    Luxeon New Member

    Day 1

    I challenge InnovativeNameHere
  19. bluebullet

    bluebullet Member

    count me in please

    thank you
  20. Reclaimer

    Reclaimer Member

    Requesting a challenger!!

    Who wants their ass kicked around here?

    Bring it!

    edit: Ehmmm when will the second round start?

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