Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by Apeman, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. misterady

    misterady New Member

    I am in...I am knew here...first timer...when it begins...I mean the challenge, cause my own personal recovery began tho
  2. misterady

    misterady New Member

    sorry my english sucks
  3. bluebullet

    bluebullet Member

    i'm in for the sequel, too

    sign me up when it starts =)
  4. new_1

    new_1 Guest

    Sounds like fun, I'd be in too.
  5. Lifeisbeautiful

    Lifeisbeautiful Active Member

    Count me in please.
  6. chewbrocca

    chewbrocca New Member

    Oh shit I did win! I'm ashamed to say I just gave in tonight :( Was getting so close to a full year..
  7. how close were you?
  8. GoingPrimal

    GoingPrimal Age 20. A New Life

    If a second round ever gets up and running again I am absolutely interested!
  9. KingJames

    KingJames Member

    I'm very interested in this, hope I can participate.
  10. kopp

    kopp Member

    That's a cool idea, are there people still interested?

    Does someone know a good website to organize tournaments? that could be an easy way to manage this
  11. GoingPrimal

    GoingPrimal Age 20. A New Life

    Yes I'm still up for it, I only joined the forum this month so some added competition like this could help me get to 90 days and beyond!
  12. Freedom from Servitude

    Freedom from Servitude Active Member

    I would like to repeat my interest in a tournament if anybody is willing to organise one. I think that this could be a real benefit to many of us.
  13. GoingPrimal

    GoingPrimal Age 20. A New Life

    Yeah there's gotta be somebody who can set that up.
  14. chetangangappa

    chetangangappa New Member

    I wanna participate too...!!!
  15. elio

    elio Guest

    how do I join this??
    btw if any 1 wana challange me U can PM me and we can talk
  16. vikingrage1207

    vikingrage1207 New Member

    I'll participate whenever round 2 starts.
  17. King

    King Never give up.

    Does anyone want to battle right now? I remember duels being VERY effective for me when I was rebooting 2 years ago. Please send a PM if you think you can beat me in a duel, shithead! ;D
  18. AF21

    AF21 Guest

    I'd like to take part in a challenge as well. Anyone who's interested, PM me.
  19. I too am interested in dueling. 23yo and just starting to quit PMO. PM me for any challenges!
  20. vetred

    vetred New Member

    I'd be interested in a duel too. Might help me true the first difficult days.

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