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Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by kapsblock, Jul 22, 2017.

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    I am 27 year old virgin male having 15 years of porn history and have PIED and porn addiction. These are my previous threads -



    I have been rebooting since more than 90 days now, but I am going through a phase which I don't understand. I have been almost completely free from PMO during this time(other then surfing once or twice craiglist and reddit for sexual ads) and I have had nightfalls during this time. I have stopped porn, but have continued regularly on facebook, twitter etc. Although it has been advised to be completely free from social media, but in the absence of any social life I do not have any other option. which means I have been feeding my brain a virtual simulation which is not porn but a mild filler for porn. Could you guys let me know if I should completely avoid social media?(facebook , twitter etc)
  2. Catharsis

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    Quit all social media for two weeks.
    Treat it as an experiment.
  3. NewTerritories

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    I dunno what your goals are. Why do you want us to tell you what to do?
  4. jonnywishbone

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    It definitely has a considerable effect for me. I don't do PMO these days, but I end up binging on twitter, YT etc. It really affects my motivation, so I assume its having an effect on dopamine. I watch a lot of political stuff, and I find the constant and repeated dopamine hit affects me so much that it makes even porn seem uninteresting. Everything in life starts to feel numb, boring and pointless.
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    It depends what you see there (and search for). If you search for dodgy content of the scantily clothed or provocatively dressed, then it is a porn substitute. If you are just keeping in touch with your mates, it's fine.

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