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Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by Life, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. Sequel

    Sequel Member

    I'm sympathetic to the draw of Facebook but I'm with the haters. It's no good. I never joined because I already experienced the negatives of Myspace, but occasionally I look over my girlfriend's shoulder when she's using it and all of sudden I'm feeling hate, judgment, comparison, boredom . . . just a whole plethora of bad stuff. And jesus christ, I just learned about "life events." Ugh! It turns everything in your life into a commodity. Not to mention, yes, the many, many opportunities to relapse and objectify.

    Stay strong.
  2. funk

    funk New Member

    I go back and forth with this. To be sure, I loathe facebook, and If I could keep my account deactivated without missing out on valuable interactions, believe me, I would do so all the time. Eventually I came up with a solution for myself, something more in the middle-ground. Here it is;

    Taming your facebook

    • Hide every one of your friends from your 'live news feed'.
      You can do this by clicking on the little drop down by each update on the feed and choosing to not show updates from that person.
      Once you've done them all (can take a while) it will simply read 'no posts to show'.
      This means you wont find yourself mindlessly scrolling down / comparing your life to others when you have to log in to facebook.
    • Change your notification settings so that you receive emails when you are messaged/contacted through facebook.
      Now you don't have to log into facebook to check your messages anymore.
      Only log in to respond to messages you've recieved or if you wish to send one.
    • Log out when you're done!

    I would also advocate never grooming your online persona by never making your own statuses, but that's just me. Also, if you're concerned about photos on facebook, I know there are addons out there for Chrome/Firefox that allow you to block all images on certain websites, so you could still use facebook without any risk of seeing pictures if you prefer.

    Oh lord, what's this? Some new thing? It sounds terrible already.
  3. xkcd42

    xkcd42 New Member

    Oh boy, they got rid of email notification from message.
  4. funk

    funk New Member

    Since when? I'm still getting them as of a couple of days ago.
    That does sound like something Zuck the fuck would do though.
  5. xkcd42

    xkcd42 New Member

    Zuck the Fuck would totally did this.

    I have messenger installed. No Facebook app on my phone anymore.
  6. geeknoid

    geeknoid Guest

    It's been about a week since I deactivated my facebook account. And I didn't feel any need of it. I have lot of free time now.
  7. Yesterday the 14 day "are you sure you want to delete your account" expired. I'm Facebook free. Feels good man
  8. DraKhan

    DraKhan New Member

    I delelted facebook last year for reason 1. It happened so often and was a huge demotivation. It's an odd feeling that can't easily be explained. Now, I can't say that my life has become better but my emotions sure have
  9. Tomato76

    Tomato76 Active Member

    Apart from two 5 min looks I have been off it for almost two weeks. When I looked at it the second time I could not believe how for so many years I had failed to recognize how unimportant the majority of content was and just how I was just dialing into the same experience over and over again. Crazy just how little I realised how pointless so much of it is. I am keeping it purely as a tool that I can from time to time send messages with. But gone are the days of routine checking for any old updates, even from my close friends.
  10. geeknoid

    geeknoid Guest

    It's been 36 days since I deactivated my facebook account. Sometimes I want to reactivate my account just to show off that I no longer use it. ;D
  11. This thread may be a bit old but why even Facebook? Lol!
    Facebook is such a waste. It wastes your time,energy and money. Want girls? Do that in real then, I can speak from experience that for about 36 months I tried using FB to somehow get a girl, but I could not. Eventually I grew out of FB (maturity perhaps) and decided that FB had no place in my life since it was not serving any purpose whatsoever.
    I quit FB long time back. It has been about 7-8 months now since I deleted my Facebook account.
  12. TREBOR

    TREBOR PMA, not PMO.

    I deactivated a while back. In some cases Facebook was worse than porn for me. Searching pics of hot girls in my area with the hope of meeting up for meaningless sex. The porn warped my brain to think all girls on Facebook were only on there for dating and casual sex. Porn made me think all girls were like pornstars and were just looking for sex. Deactivating has helped massively.
  13. vetred

    vetred New Member

    I cant even fully delete my facebook from my phone. I can logout but i cant delete the program.
  14. LittleRocket

    LittleRocket Member

    When I was using Facebook I had over 250 people on my friends list. I honestly thought that around 20 of them or so would be considered as my friend. How ever when I decided to completely delete it for good, no one gave a crap about me or made any effort to contact me through my mobile phone number. I still keep in contact with a few friends. Facebook to me was a illusion, a reality in my head that was not relevant to the real world, I was just living in my own fantasies. I used to use Facebook so much just to stalk on people and compare how my life is to theres. That's how damaging Facebook was doing to my mind. Right now I am pretty happy that I finally deleted Facebook for good. It feels good not to be apart of this social media trend. It has been more than 2 months since I last used Facebook.

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