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Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by Life, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. Life

    Life Member

    Hello all,
    Some of my reasons are listed below
    1. I compare my life with others way too often (demotivating factor more than motivating factor)
    2. I lose grasp of my true identity and instead shape myself based on others' approval
    3. I'm using Facebook more like an entertainment website such as Reddit and losing the concept of "friend"
    4. My internet personality is messing up my id/ego balance
    I'll keep you guys updated.
  2. goingforward

    goingforward Keep calm and carry on!

    Good decision! I've deactivated my fb account and I don't regret. I had to reactivate it for a while, several days ago in school purposes, but generally I don't use facebook.
    You'll quickly get benefits of not getting flooded by enormous amount of incentives and of not wasting time for "friends" you don't even talk with.
  3. SwimAddict

    SwimAddict New Member

    I am on and off with twitter. In one sense, its nice to be connected. Limiting its use is hard, and can absorb huge amounts of time. It also has lots of triggers and can cause depression seeing other people happy. I think taking a break every now and again is all that is needed.
  4. Life

    Life Member

    Day 0
    Alright, I've gone a few hours and there's not much to be noticed. I think I feel a little bit more free not feeling discouraged by others' successes and was able to focus on myself more. There has been little to no craving or symptoms of withdrawal so that's good. Let's continue on!
  5. SandoPando

    SandoPando New Member

    Good job, guys. And good motivation. I'm thinking to deactivate mine too. But I still need my account for educational purposes and communicating with some organisations. For now I'm limiting my visits. But I see that it's not enough. I count the whole computer as an addiction too, but I also need it for doing stuff like homework, chatting, communicating with organisations, games(the main reason I use my PC).

    Life, I especially like your second reason to quit facebook. I have the same situation and I'm trying to kill it by not feeding it.
  6. new_1

    new_1 Guest

    Congratulations on that resolution!
    I've deleted my account about half a year or so ago. As I wasn't always using it, I don't miss much nowadays. Every once in a while there is some social event that I miss or get informed about only by accident. It's absolutely worth the feeling of not being a facebook person anymore.
    If you care about special people and they care about you, there will be other ways of social interactions - there is a rumor spreading that people have had friendships even when there was no facebook.
    There's something I've come to really dislike about everyone around me checking their smartphone every two seconds...
  7. Remyzeroo

    Remyzeroo New Member

    Deactivated my Facebook and deleted my twitter completely. Wasted too much time on there such as looking at meaning less statuses and seeing if I got a notification or a like on a comment to give a sense of self purpose or worth. Also there were a lot of triggers from random pages I like or a status made, so rebooting with out social media is highly advise unless you absolutely need to use it.
  8. Remyzeroo

    Remyzeroo New Member

    Lol I know what you mean on the smart phone every minute... Reminds me of the video on YouTube, "I forgot my phone".
  9. Life

    Life Member

    Day 1
    Today, I went to a mixer by myself and enjoyed the DJ and all the dancing. I also made an attempt at flirting which I was surprised that I had the confidence to do so without alcohol. So far, I experienced better self-respect and confidence but I need to regain the ability to connect with people directly. However, I feel that this is the right path to achieving my goals. No PMO as well.
  10. Life

    Life Member

    I think I need to abandon this experiment and see Facebook as a tool rather than a source of entertainment. For starters, I will block people who I don't interact with so that they don't show up on my news feed and keep those who I am genuinely interested in. It may be difficult but I will try my best to separate my sense of life from mixing with others.
  11. new_1

    new_1 Guest

    Just five days? What happened?
  12. Life

    Life Member

    It's hard to separate myself since it is a very useful tool. I needed to sell my textbooks, schedule meet ups with my research group, etc. It's definitely a great asset and a convenient form of communication. I'll just make sure that I'm the one in control though and not be dictated by the lives of others.
  13. new_1

    new_1 Guest


    Gotta love this. .-)
  14. flamingwind

    flamingwind Guest

    I have deactivated my fb, but I go on it sometimes when I PMO ( fantasy about some hot girls I knew or used to) or need to send someone something. Other wise I have been off fb since October. I was going to delete it, but I don't care enough about it to do it.
  15. totallyyours

    totallyyours Loyalty, honor, and a willing heart

    I was/am a big facebook addict. I logged out four weeks ago for Lent and have not had an urge to log back in since.

  16. Fapper3

    Fapper3 Guest

    great post so true about peoples ego and online persona. people just wanna look good when in reality their nowhere near the person they make out to be
  17. Mr J

    Mr J Guest

    Sweet bro, keep going! Take a quick look at my post about facebook, maybe something in there will help you :)

    Mr J
  18. totallyyours

    totallyyours Loyalty, honor, and a willing heart

    Logged back on to facebook after Easter: not fun at all! So much stuff going on that it's impossible to really invest interest in anything. I'm better of focusing on people right next time. I'm keeping my account for now, but I honestly don't know if anyone's on the other side listening or watching what I'm doing!
  19. Climber

    Climber Member

    FB is like a gateway drug to porn. It's that enticing, "see what's new with X and Y, of course I should see what's up with my relatives!". Then, "Hey, that guy always has hot girlfrieds," then onward to the hotter girls and then the PMO trained brain wants the stronger stuff and resistance has been weakened. I miss a lot of stuff by not checking FB. I miss more when I do.
  20. TheHighRiser

    TheHighRiser Shaman, take my hand.

    Fuck Facebook! You guys don't need it! It's just online bullshit!

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