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    Have anyone of you ever seen his videos

    Interesting topic. What do you all think of it?
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    Please, don't watch this idiot. Or better, go to the forum lookism.net (he originated from here). Watch those posts, read those whinings. At first you will be shocked. Then you will be angry (at ugliness). Then (like I do), you will laugh at those losers
    Me after watching LMS for two hours - omg I'm doomed, 90% of men don't have sex, you need to make 10 facial operations
    Me after walking the street and browsing facebook for an hour - omg how those ugly guys get so hot girlfriends. And they are poor! Fuck you LMS!
  3. NewTerritories

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    Physical attraction matters, sure. But what really matters is: what are you going to do about it?

    Despair won't help you. Don't watch those videos if they make you feel like shit. Watch them if you want to.

    With women (or whoever you're trying to date) you need to pass the physical attraction test. This is the best way, practically, to conceptualize this. I learnt it from Doc Love. Forget about rating yourself out of 10. Just think in binary. When you approach or meet a girl, assuming she's available, she's soon judged your looks by her standard and decided: yes (something might happen) or no (nothing will happen). If yes: move forward -- work on increasing her interest level -- from there. If no: look elsewhere.

    Of course, she won't usually directly tell you if you passed or failed. You need to perform a test. E.g. ask for her phone number. See if you can make her laugh. Try to kiss her (if contextually appropriate--on a date).

    Good luck.
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