F**k yeah. My first succesful sex

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Matei99, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Matei99

    Matei99 I hope One day I'll be cured

    Hey there. Hear me out!
    Im 18. Pmo: 13 to 17 years old.
    I currently suffer from low T levels and varicocele.
    I suffered from PIED until yesterday.
    I used to masturbate daily and weekly to porn.
    I currently have a gf.
    I had a streak of 110 days.
    I fapped a few times (not to porn)

    Aand yesterday was a big surprize. I had successful sex. :) The problem is the condom. I cant feel anything with it.
    I had sex without a condom and surprize I had a normal erection the whole intercourse.
    I could feel everything. It was awesome.
    I still have breaks between intercourses.
    From now on :

    First month like three times having a intercourse (i dont want unprotected anymore, its scary)

    Second month abstinence

    Repeat the procces. This is my sex life from now on.
    I gave up porn forever. I now give up fapping forever. Gooodbye. Never see u again.

    This was my story :)
    It will get better with condom too. I just need a treatment for my low T and a surgery for my varicocele

    Its awesome to feel normal :) im happy
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  2. Naruto558

    Naruto558 Member

    I how does real sex feel? Is it more sensual or rough like porn? Also did you come out of flatline by yourself? Or did you have to rewire?
  3. Matei99

    Matei99 I hope One day I'll be cured

    Hey :)
    Real sex is not anything like porn.
    A vagina feels better than a hand.
    In my case, i was feeling every single move.
    Real sex is a passion not a rape.
    A man loves her woman, so you have to be passionate in that sexual behaviour.

    No. I didn't come out of flatline by myself. I already had my gf when my streak began. We were both virgins.
    So it kind of was rebooting and rewiring at the same time.
    I was worring why my penis doesnt get erect with my gf. The most times it did but not fully , like 50%. I decided to browse the internet because i knew something is wrong. However, i found out about the effects of PMO and MO and decided to start my streak.

    I will continue my journey. Is a life long one. Nofap and Noporn. Only allow myself to orgasm with a girl.

    For those who have prblems with their libido i suggest them to get their testosterone levels checked
  4. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    I never thought about it like that but now that I do, there is validity in this statement. Some of my fantasies of how sex will be pleasurable to me is, if I stuck this here and there without any participation from the female. Now porn does not correlate with rape, it does however trigger pleasure to male doing all sex acts while the female either complies or not.
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  5. Fencepost

    Fencepost Member

    Your sensitivity will likely increase with time as you stay off the PM. Guys often see improvements for a year or more.
  6. Michael84

    Michael84 Member

    Congratulations, man. I hope to never see you again here.
  7. DemBrainsTho

    DemBrainsTho Member

    Bro congrats! So I started PMO at like puberty... now 23.. Never developed a strong libido and I'm thinking PMO had something to do with it. Still never had sex yet. And I have this theory that if I can start getting regular sex, I will rewire faster than abstaining alone, and hoping that will make my libido stronger.

    So my question is.. After first sex.. you do feel like it jumpstarted you any? Feeling more horny than usual?
  8. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    Once you have normal sensitivity condoms will be no problem.

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