Excessive masturbation and zinc deficiency

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by TrainingTheDragon, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. theory816

    theory816 Upgrade your grey matter, one day it may matter

    i use to have those white spots on nails when i was in my teens but its gone away now and i pmo even more then before lol. my memory is horrible though
  2. Fiddler

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    Eat more oysters, lobsters, red meat and various seeds/nuts.

    I do eat all these foods (not lobsters and oysters!) every day since a few years in pretty high quantities so I doubt I have zinc deficiency. If I'd do, the whole world population would have it too.
  3. Aussie_85

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    I'm taking zinc supp tablets,i have the white fingernails but i think I'm a bit of a unique case..it's normal to have a few white spots on some finger nails,looking now i have one small one on my right index finger nail...my thumbs? pretty much 80% white,both of them.I started freaking out about it a while ago,only to google and find out it's common and usually harmless.
  4. AaronK

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    Sorry for bumping this 2 year old thread. I just wanted to check with those of you who started Zinc supplementation whether it helped or improve the zinc levels?

  5. rebooting

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    Since I was 13, I ejaculated every day, often multiple times a day. My memory was very good. I remembered every detail that happened in my life automatically and effortless, including totally unimportant numbers and every little detail that a person did and said many years earlier. Things such as a person reaching his cup for another sip 3 years earlier. I had a gigantic long-term memory and a near-photographic short-term memory. I over-masturbated, but it didn't affect my memory at all.

    Since I stopped watching porn and quit over-masturbation a year ago, I have memory loss. I forget everything. It's been so long, but I still don't have my memory back. I used to have outstanding memory at work, but now I struggle to do my job because of the memory loss.

    Nofap seems to have killed both my sex drive and memory. In my anxious, numb days full of porn, my memory was at it's max. Now I feel much better, but my memory is gone. I even forget simple things within seconds.

    A shortage of zinc only occurs if you never eat food that contain enough zinc and ejaculate multiple times a day. If you eat healthy, zinc depletion won't happen.
  6. mrlister

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    I've adjusted my diet and started to supplement zinc more than half a year ago (and reduced masturbation). Unfortunately, it's not easy to tell if you're zinc deficient or not. Despite that I believe it made a difference, I even think that my testosterone levels have gone up. I will get my blood tests done in a few months, I will post the results after that.

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