Excessive masturbation and early onset of baldness

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by thephilosopher, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. Branislav

    Branislav New Member

    It was all a big joke or what?
  2. jscotty

    jscotty New Member

    Old thread.. but I'll still chime in. Baldness doesn't exist amongst the men on either side of my family yet I am balding on the sides near the front and slightly on the top. My mother is the only one who suffered hair loss but it was from the result of bad hair products and her hair is slowly coming back. So maybe I do indeed have a genetic predisposition to onset baldness.
  3. alex777

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    Okay so I read the whole thread. Hi guys!
    I signed up and bumped this old thread specifically to confirm that this is exactly what I've noticed when looking back at the last year and a half. I got my own place in late 2014 when I was almost 24, and in late spring 2015 I've started noticing much scalp after washing my head when the hair was kind of wet. Not saying I wasn't PMOing before, just increased the quantity to almost every day. Asked the barber and he confirmed he noticed the hairline difference too. Some time later I've started noticing the scalp even through the dry hair. I can't really say it's falling out that much, it's just it got thinner.

    Does it grow back or get thicker how it used to be? Or you're stuck at that condition you had when you stopped fapping?

    I'd much rather shave bold by choice if I want to (not because I have to), knowing I can regrow.

    I'll try to get my s*** together and do this anyway, but I'm wondering whether anyone can confirm that this works. I'm sure I'm not the only one who googled this thread over the years. If previous posters could update that'd be great.

    Also is there any way I could measure the testosterone/DHT levels to keep track of the progress?
  4. Borges08

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    My highschool picture hairline was pretty normal, then it started receding afterwards extremely fast when I was PMO'ing a lot. Got bad around 22-23 and was way different at 17-18. Yes it happened that quick.

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