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Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by Dr. Jekyll, Nov 20, 2022.

  1. Dr. Jekyll

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    I guess some performance anxiety is definitely there. In the back of my mind, I always have the fear of failure, but sometimes the feeling is stronger. But I don't really know what causes what: is my PA that causes my ED or is the absence of the spark downstairs that raises my anxiety in the moment?

    The fact that most of the times I have an ED episode I end up arguing with my gf does not definitely help me to feel calm and relaxed when I am in intimacy with her. I tried to explain her what I am going through and that does not depend on her but she still takes the episodes personally.

    About cialis or viagra, I took some ED pills few times but I am not really a big fan of taking those drugs, especially because I know that when my body feels good, I can have good erections without those pills.
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    I would have thought that the most important thing was not to have an argument with your girlfriend. If ED sometimes causes that, I really do think that you should try cialis or viagra.
    I have severe kidney disease and that causes ED. My doctor recommends cialis or viagra and they are really helpful.

    I also have bipolar mood disorder and have to take mood stabilisers for that. I know that some who get depressed don't want to take medication; but I would not be alive if I didn't.

    So I really think that it would help you to get over your reservation. Whether the ED is caused by P or performance anxiety, cialis or viasgra would help you get over the hump.
  3. tarconi_union

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    Did you tell her about your porn addiction?
  4. Dr. Jekyll

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    Kind of. I did not tell her all the details but I explained her that I decided to stop masturbating and watching porn because it had an impact on my body and erections. That I needed some time but things would get better with some patience. I told her that there is a big community out there that is facing the same problems that I do and doctors are starting to realise the damage that porn can have on human brain.

    At first, she did not really believe that nofap could be scientific because it is not mainstream. But my body is getting better as the time passes and she did notice it.

    My morning woods are starting to come back as well. They are not very hard (50/60%), they do not appear everyday (2/3 times per week) and as soon as I stand up, they disappear, but I still see big progress from my dead mornings 2 months ago. My sex life is also getting better and I am having less and less problems with my erections.
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    How have things been going for you, my friend?

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