Erection subsides very quickly

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  1. fixmeplease

    fixmeplease Guest

    Hey guys, Just wanted to know if there are others like me.

    I've posted a topic about my reboot already, but I just found this section and am curious what other people have symptoms like me.

    The most frustrating one is that I cant keep an erection. I used to not be able to achieve one without direct stimulation but after 3 1/2 months of no P/M (I still O but only from my GF) I can achieve one from making out, touching... anything that doesn't always involve my penis.

    But yesterday i was testing to see how long I can keep my erection and right when i stopped stimulating myself it went down. In about 10 seconds i was flaccid which was pretty weird. I get morning wood almost every morning and they stay for awhile, unless i stand then my erection fades pretty quickly.

    This can't be venous leakage can it? Wouldn't I not be able to get/maintain morning wood?

    When I was watching porn, i would stop stimulating to search for other vids and my penis would lose it's erection. I'm guessing my brain/penis has been trained to do this after years and years of repetition?

    I will be going to get my T levels checked (although i believe I am in good range as i exercise, not overweight, take zinc/test boosters...etc) as well as i've read that low t levels can deteriorate the smooth muscle that pinches the vein, causing bloodflow back to the body to be easier.

    Any input/tips are greatly appreciated!
  2. Fiddler

    Fiddler Active Member

    I don't have any input, sorry, but I'm writing here because I am in your same situation. I'm looking into PC muscle conditioning as it may be one or the cause of this. Wish you good luck!
  3. Evolution

    Evolution Member

    I've got the same problem. I think its due to overmasturbation/over ejaculation due to too much pmo.
  4. UpendiT

    UpendiT Member

    Yeah; a lot of my ED problems are caused by not one, but many, sources. It's not just P. I agree that P screws with dopamine and maybe androgen receptors, but I think pelvic floor and pudendal nerve issues play a role as well. So if you have severe ED, you should look into fixing those problems also.
  5. blindedbyfear

    blindedbyfear New Member

    Hey dude, I have the same problem. I can achieve erection if I stimulate myself and keep it that way but it always goes down in 5-10sec if I stop. Been doing nofap for a year now and still the same. Might be conditioning but I haven't yet found a way to solve this.
  6. fixmeplease

    fixmeplease Guest

    I'm thinking this is something that along with PIED gets better with time. I've been getting better erections from arousal alone and my morning woods are keeping themselves up for longer periods of time (although I have yet to put morning wood to good use since my GF is always asleep. Gonna poke her one day with it and see if I can keep it up for the whole session).

    I really just want lasting erections without constant stimulation. Sometimes I think it's all just in my head since i've trained myself into thinking i need stimulation. Earlier today i was getting head and thinking about erections and why mine always went down without stimulation, then suddenly i started losing quality, focused and thought about the feeling and got it back to 100%.

    It's just really annoying also, I do go soft if I'm not on my back/sitting down. Missionary works for a bit but I have to shift positions fast or else I lose my erection. Might have also trained my body to get/maintain erections on my back.
  7. UseItOrLoseIt

    UseItOrLoseIt New Member

    fixmeplease, how have things been going? I came across this thread as I've been going through some of the same experiences and working on recovering.
  8. bfs

    bfs New Member

    Hi friends, I am suffering from the same problem. Erection subsides in 15 s if I am standing. It stays slightly longer if I am on my back. I have not watched porn for the last 6 months. My testosterone level is good. Masturbated thrice during this period. Had morning wood a few times on the day after taking tadalafil 10 mg.

    Please let me know your current condition. Have you guys recovered. Did you use any other medicine or treatment for curing PIED?
  9. bfs

    bfs New Member

    Hi, I would like to know if you have recovered from pied. Is it enough to do no pmo or something more needs to be done?
  10. Oscar40

    Oscar40 New Member

    Watching too much porn and masturbating too much is going to lead to your body getting "tired" of sex, so to speak. Just waiting and resting from everything related to sexuality will lead your body to feel "hungry for sex" again, so to speak.

    As tired as I have felt from sexual stimulation, just 40 days is enough for my body to feel like it again.

    It is very strange if many months go by and you still do not feel the ability to get excited. Therefore, I recommend that you do not obsess over this reboot issue because that does not help at all.

    I personally have never worried about my erections. I don't give a fuck if I have PIED or I don't. I only know that as the days go by my libido returns and returns to me. Today I realized that when I saw a very attractive woman in the supermarket. Unfortunately, the girl is a well known porn star here in my country. The good thing is that it proves to me that if you stop watching porn, a few days off is more than enough to get you horny again.

    The only thing that worries me about what happened to me today is that I want to visit the profile about her on twitter. Which means going back to the subject of looking at the porn that she does.

    My final advice:

    Suppose you have erectile dysfunction: the question is:
    Is that relevant?

    What does erectile dysfunction matter?

    Do you get my idea?

    The idea is that you don't worry. Erectile dysfunction is the most irrelevant thing that can happen to our body. There are worse situations.
    You will be calmer these days. Don't worry. Everything will be fine for you.

    Good luck
  11. MrsDE

    MrsDE New Member

    Have any of you tried viagra for this?

    My partner has the same issue, he can get it up and I can get him up, but he tends to go down after about 2 mins, unless constant stimulation, and he so suffers with delayed E

    Hes wanting to try viagra to see of this will keep him harder and therefore maybe solve the DE issue as hes ways harder when masterbating than he is when with me
  12. Daniel25

    Daniel25 New Member

    please explain what it means to not sweat when rebooting? I reboot for 6 months and without result, the erection is weak, my sweating is very very high!
  13. Daniel25

    Daniel25 New Member

    How can you get a strong erection?
  14. Reyaan Ali

    Reyaan Ali Member

    Step 1 : stay away from PMO.
    Step 2: reboot for 2 to 3 months to give rest to your sexual system.
    Step 3: start having real sex and intimacy with real women.

    You will notice your erection getting stronger with time and practice. Many guys have done this you can read so many success stories and inspire you.
  15. Daniel25

    Daniel25 New Member

    What is pmo?I reboot 6 months i.e. without porn and masturbation.There are no results. Magicians have sex once every 24 hours.what could be the reason? how can i recover permanently
  16. Reyaan Ali

    Reyaan Ali Member


    Can you have sex now?
  17. Reyaan Ali

    Reyaan Ali Member

    Don't test yourself like this. It doesn't work like that. You should keep rewiring by having regular intimacy with your gf. You will definitely see improvements after 30-50 sexual encounters.
  18. Daniel25

    Daniel25 New Member

    I reboot for 6 months. You can have sex with a girl in this situation
  19. Daniel25

    Daniel25 New Member

  20. Daniel25

    Daniel25 New Member

    have you heard about the pelvic floor problem? how can you solve this problem? does anyone here practice kegel exercises?

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