Enjoying sexual thoughts?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by John_McWallace, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Ok here's my summary of what and what not to avoid on this journey.

    Porn - avoid
    Masturbation - avoid
    Ejaculation - avoid.
    Morning wood with naturally occuring sexual thoughts - ENJOY! I dont see or experience anything wrong with this, infact ive found this to be an effective way of circulating the sexual energy around my body and a good way to raise my libido without feeling like I want to screw any girls that moves.

    In summary, I find nothing wrong with enjoying erotic thoughts which occur naturall each morning as long as I dont take it to the next level and start masturbating.
  2. vronsky

    vronsky New Member

    Dont you get blue balls when you do that?
  3. Not as of yet, its quite a natural discharge mechanism.

    For me, blue balls is edging. Tried it, I either get blue balls or end up ejaculating.

    My theory is that when you're still laying in bed in the morning, the brain is still riding the deeper brainwaves of sleep, and can more readily charge up any fantasies you have with the sexual energy. I dont find this cheating or being in any way breaching the pull away from porn addiction. Its like natures porn.

    TL:DR enjoy your morning wood, its there to be enjoyed. (Just dont start fapping) I've found no better way of circulating the excess sexual energy than this. I tried Mantak Chia's methods but found them counter productive. (Just ended up being insanely horny that I had to ejaculate)
  4. JK47

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    My interpretation is that you're supposed to avoid fantasizing during a reboot (especially about porn).

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