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    Really bad week.

    *No more PMO, no instagram browsing in couch/bed. - FAIL. PMO x2 on Monday, PMO x 1 on Wednesday, MO x1 + PMO 3 Saturday, PMO x3 Sunday. Just binging pretty much all week, unable to get a streak going. Aiming for nofap November now.
    *Don't drink as much on parties - PASS. Only drank one evening on a date.
    *Try to set up a date for the week. - PASS. Had a second date with a girl, we went all the way and the sex was good (ED pills). Very good vibe and one of the best dates in a long while.
    *Gym 5 days - FAIL. Did 2 days gym. The binge erased all my motivation and drive. Important I get 5 days gym next week and get going again.
    *Apply to some jobs - PASS. Applied for a few jobs.
    *Reduce video games to max 6 hours per week, max 3 days per week. -PASS. Played about 6 hours so maxed out.

    PMO binge, no motivation for work, gym. Procrastination. Tough week, I have to build some willpower.

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