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Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by TrueDat, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. TrueDat

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    Had a fun weekend visiting a friend, short roadtrip.

    Sunday not feeling like working tomorrow, browsed instagram which escalated to some more, 1 MO, 2 PMO.

    Goal for the week:
    * Work out 5 days
    * Try to set up a date so I get my mind of nofap/P..
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  2. TrueDat

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    Have been so tired today, luckily it is Friday tomorrow. I have been easily irritated as well, faking smiles at work today was exhausting.
    Slept for an hour on the couch at home after work, browsed some instagram and also 5 min of P, did not O though and stopped. Still a slip so resetting my counter, have to be honest and try again. Going to sleep now, the other days this week has been good and I am back in the gym etc.
  3. TrueDat

    TrueDat Active Member

    Dinner and party with friends. Fun night. I did not have any need talk to girls in the club. Was quite drunk and when I got home I could not sleep and PM once and then PMO thrice. Pathetic. I need to save my energy for girls and not self service.

    I will try being kind to myself so I don't end up binging and of course a reminder that every time I party and drink a few beer the risk for a relapse is substantial.
    Another party tonight, hoping I can keep it on a good level.

    I mean I had a few days this week without PMO. Let's build up again..
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