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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by al1234, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. mik

    mik Guest

    Trying to force myself to sleep has always ended in disaster. I need some sort of physical activity to drain remaining energy and a relaxing medium (bath, chamomile tea) to calm down afterwards.
  2. learningOrder

    learningOrder Member

    I saw a trigger IRL... And today I'm working from home so I'm having a difficult time

  3. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    The cravings are because of your addiction, it isn't from your natural libido even though it feels that way. And, this is why addiction is deceptive in nature. Your natural libido has been hijacked by artificial stimulants. Tell me, does it make sense to see a trigger in real life and want to watch pictures and videos? That's the lowly influence this addiction has on us.

    Do two things,:
    1.) Let the cravings die out on it's own. Recognize them and differentiate them from what you truly want.
    2.) Think about the future and what goals you want to meet. Can't happen as a porn addict.
  4. whereibelong

    whereibelong Member

    Thanks for being here, forum. I was feeling tempted today but I have resisted it. I allowed the desires to flow through me and out of me rather than engage with them. I feel strong :)
  5. whereibelong

    whereibelong Member

    Still feeling strong urges today. Luckily it's Monday (never thought I'd say that) so work will distract me and keep me busy. Almost made some mistakes this weekend in terms of relapsing but luckily I got through it.

    2.5 years into this no pmo challenge and I still get occasional urges. I definitely have other demons to tackle.
  6. Zebra_Hooves

    Zebra_Hooves Ours is not a caravan of despair - Rumi

    Not today!

    PMO is the hardest challenge of our lives. They say a waterfall begins with a single drop. PMO is the inverse. The hardest hour is the first after quitting. Our minds are a mess and we want to go twice.
    The hardest day is what follows. The hardest month is what follows. Every step we take gets easier. Our paths change, we become more capable.
    But when we are at our weakest, right there, in the first days, we have to be our strongest. We have to exert ourselves. There isn't a drop here, it's trying to swim up the waterfall. And you know what, we're going to do it.

    Fuck the addiction. We won't fall, and if we do, we'll get back up and keep swimming upstream.
  7. Naka

    Naka Member

    The urges hit right now at this very moment.

    I have been eating junk food since yesteray (two pizzas and 500 grams of ice cream), not meeting my needs in a healthy. The self loathing from giving in food cravings, plus the feelings I'm fat, plus the guilt that i won't go to the gym tnight....ARGH

    Plus things that are really difficult in my life right now....

    must...numb myself ...from those...feelz
  8. Naka

    Naka Member

    i'm half naked right now, sitting down at my desk where I usually PMO, 9 porn tabs open. Haven't looked at them yet, i'm hard and touching myself
  9. Naka

    Naka Member

    fuck it going out of the house before doing anything
  10. Naka

    Naka Member

    Back from my walk. I won.

    Great physical activity, provided a great escapism by going to new places, could think a lot. I got even more indsight on how to better deal with life. I feel bad for my accountability partner. This thing didn't work great. Anyway, I hope he is good now.
  11. Iamahumanbeing

    Iamahumanbeing New Member

    Just had a great wknd with meaningful interactions with people I like doing things I like and having good conversation.

    I should probably just go ahead an kill myself or jerk off in public just to even things out. I NEED ATTENTION OR DOPAMINE I MUST JERK OFF.

    Fun times everyone, fun fun times.

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