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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by al1234, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. LittleRocket

    LittleRocket Member

    My fetishes for genital piercings has slowly messed up with my mind. I got some steroid cream from my doctor, hoping my genitals will get better. I keep on looking up bdsm and genital tortures. I was about to relapse to porn today but got out of bed and came on this site. Hope I can continue my day with out thinking about this crap.
  2. alphabetaomega001

    alphabetaomega001 "No. Edge Not. Fap. Or Fap Not. There is No Edge."

    Here read this to distract and motivate yourself:
  3. LittleRocket

    LittleRocket Member

    Yes I have, thank you kindly sir. Took me a while but a great read. I realised now, I ruined my own genitals due to porn. It's all sinking in.
  4. AlphaPhoenix

    AlphaPhoenix Member

    man seriously im gonna to relapse.... work pressure and shits im doing i feel remorse i feel better when i remember that i need to reach 400 days
  5. alphabetaomega001

    alphabetaomega001 "No. Edge Not. Fap. Or Fap Not. There is No Edge."

    Hi :)

    You got almost 300 days under your belt and you want to give that up for 10 seconds!? :eek:

    I would recommend going for an hour+ walk and think about relapsing carefully. Complete the fantasy in your head and imagine that you have relapsed. How do you feel? Now as you're walking look around from the perspective of having given into the pressure. Was it worth it? NOT ONE SECOND OF IT! After walking around for a bit, sit under a tree or someplace relaxing and meditate on the well being and inner peace of being addiction free and how lucky you are to have gone so far into your recovery.

    Good luck and keep going, you are an inspiration to all of us.
  6. samreiche

    samreiche New Member

    Just read this today:

    Playing tetris could reduce your urges ;)

  7. ScorpionsBane

    ScorpionsBane Young and with issues. Ones I want to overcome.

    Wargh. The urges are strong.
    I'll do my best to not PMO! :D
  8. Wayfarer

    Wayfarer New Member

    I wanted to look at P. I came here instead. Very inspiring messages. Amazing to see one guy on day 300 face urge. I look at his ticker and its still ticking past 300 :)
  9. LittleRocket

    LittleRocket Member

    I feel like slipping back into my old habits once again. I just feel so lonely and bored. I'm failing all my college subjects once again. But if I can sustain from PMO for a while until my brain resets hopefully I will become better. I don't want to be a hypocrite and go PMO after this post. Which I feel is most likely going to happen because I crave that spike of dopamine. I just feel so fucking lonely and just want some one to talk to, I crave human interaction. When I PMO that feeling of loneliness and craving for social interaction diminishes but at this point. I'm trying so hard right now to resist but the feeling is over powering.
  10. NotTomCruise

    NotTomCruise New Member

    I'm having strong urges right now. It's difficult to focus on studying today, I'm stressed, and I keep thinking about porn. Even after trying to block my devices it's so easy to access. I kept having dreams about porn lately and know that I'm going to get a huge rush if I relapse. It's hard to stay away. I'm just trying to stay mindful right now and learn from all of this by observing the consequences of my actions. It's not easy to stay mindful though when anxiety and stress make me want to escape my feelings.
  11. novamh

    novamh New Member

    I am currently 'edging' not by physically stimulating myself, but I am downloading material and can already see quite a few images and a bit of a video.
    I have actually. Stimulated obviously.
    This actually started day before yesterday when I did the same thing but managed to stop after just 1 or 2 images.

    I am also surprisingly still a bit 'in control' even now compared to day before yesterday.
    I have a theory/hunch on what happens to me:
    Whenever I experience an edge(non physical) like day before yesterday I start becoming more hopeless and depressed and feel like I should just finish the deed. That there's nothing I can do.
    Today is different for once because I have recently read the Slight Edge and just finished the Power of Habit today.
    I still want to finish it off, but I am hoping posting here will help and that someone in a similar situation who succeeded can give some advice.

    I know today will be pretty worse for the wear now, but will the jitteriness subside by tomorrow without me physically masturbating as well?

    Finished the deed away from the laptop, that hopefully helps somehow. Have now gotten rid of the sites/material in question.
    For the sake of future incidents like these tho, could someone answer the question above? Can one go back to the wagon after about 20-30 minutes no physical touch edge? Not streak, don't care about those.
    If I can figure out a way to keep myself on track after a 'edgelapse' instead of full on just chucking it to hell, it would help a lot, and just knowing whether it's possible or not is the first step in the process I figure >_>;
  12. I am Vincent

    I am Vincent Guest

    I just relapsed several times after 30 days sober. I'm f*cked up, empty, worried, worthless, even not sad as I'm deeply desensitized. So NO, RELAPSE is not a good idea. Time is passing fast now, haven't take my breakfast yet it's 12:41 pm. I'm an empty irritated nonsense individual by now. Hopefully I have goals to achieve. the only thing that pull me to life :-X
  13. Reclaimer

    Reclaimer Member

    oh shit hungover and peeking at porn
  14. whereibelong

    whereibelong Member

    I haven't relapsed but physically ive been feeling like such shit lately that im concerned I might pmo in order to feel good. I'm glad I'm writing in here instead.
  15. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    For the people who see this. Just don't watch porn. Let the cravings pass through you. Don't fantasize at all and do not think about it. The cravings will pass.
  16. mik

    mik Guest

    I tried that, I really did. There was one specific fetish that I knew I had to avoid.
    I keep a topco perfect butt around, (trigger warning, don't google if you don't already know what that is) and I went at that 2-3 times last night to try to avoid that one overpowering fetish but it just won't go away.
    It's as though my sex drive and that one craving were totally disconnected. I completely lost hope that the craving would pass after a couple hours of fighting it :p
  17. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    Damn bro, u got it pretty bad. Your into all kinds of weird. You need to seclude yourself to a monastery and try to find out the root cause of your perverted inclinations.
  18. mik

    mik Guest

    Haha ;D I knew you were the religious type.
    You know what?, I could of beat it, all I did when the craving hit was sit there like a deer in the headlights.
    I went for a nighttime walk last night when another craving hit and felt like a champ afterwards. I live right next to a lake that is very beautiful at night time :)
  19. mik

    mik Guest

    I always seem to break late at night when I'm not doing anything. So i've made a habit of taking night time walks along the lake followed by a bubble bath, and chamomile tea. It might sound corny but I think i'm on to something here, unless of course you live in a neighborhood where going out at 1am is a mugging sentence ;D
  20. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    Night cravings are the worst. Try to get sleep instead of being awake.

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