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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by al1234, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    My parents have left the house today, they’ll come back on Tuesday. It’s a full-on trigger right now, I could watch porn with full volume in any room of the house, on big screen and everything I could imagine. The situation is as triggering as it gets, there’s an on-going temptation to masturbate. My brain just wants to masturbate, to find an escort, to release a permanent sexual tension no matter how.

    - taking a cold shower right now

    Edit: Feeling better after this cold shower... but I know it will come back
  2. BruceWayne

    BruceWayne Building the life I want, day by day...

    Come on bro you got this. Get out of the house if you need to, call a friend. Whatever it takes.
  3. Baghira

    Baghira New Member

    (trigger warning) Dafuq, only at day 4 and tempted to hire an escort to confess my porn addiction to and want her taking advantage of my addiction. WTF!!!??? No craving for porn alone but being witnessed by an escort while doing degrading stuff to myself. Got my senses back while typing, but GOSH, this is WEIRD, aroused by my own addiction, WTF IS WRONG WITH ME??
  4. alphabetaomega001

    alphabetaomega001 "No. Edge Not. Fap. Or Fap Not. There is No Edge."

    Lol me too...with femdom :(

    Sucks Eh?

    Its like the addiction is the trigger.

    But just realize that there's more to life than fantasy. Think about all the benefits of nofap, and all you have to do is make one easy choice to not watch porn. You can do it! It will get easier I promise! :)
  5. Dec

    Dec Member

    strong cravings at the moment. Just for masturbation but I don't want to even do that right now. Up until today I've started to feel better about things
  6. DarkFlameMaster

    DarkFlameMaster Don’t regret the past, just learn from it.

    Strong cravings resisting them, I was almost at the peak of looking at P... k9 saved me..
    Anyway, gonna play a game or something to get my mind off this shit. :mad:
  7. alphabetaomega001

    alphabetaomega001 "No. Edge Not. Fap. Or Fap Not. There is No Edge."

    NOOOOOOOO!!!! Don't Give In!

    The REAL YOU is fighting to be free from this pornography prison. Don't make the recovery longer than it already is, you will only regret it!

    Stay Strong DarkFlameMaster 8)
  8. grayfoxxx

    grayfoxxx My English is worse than my ED.

    I am not going to relapse right now, but I feel that my urges in these days are slowly becoming stronger because of the need to test my erections.
    I do not know how much longer I could resist.
  9. alphabetaomega001

    alphabetaomega001 "No. Edge Not. Fap. Or Fap Not. There is No Edge."

    You shouldn't concentrate on your urges or "how hard nofap is". That is completely useless. I have made that mistake myself along with trying "not" to PMO or look at porn. And I relapse all the time because porn is constantly on my mind. So just focus on living a healthy life. Live the life you want after nofap NOW. You will find that your sexual energy will be channeled into helping you achieve higher pursuits. Sexual energy = creative energy, so use it to your advantage. But if you find that it is overwhelming you then ground that energy. What I do is visualize the discharge of an urge in my mind get conducted down through my body and out my feet into the ground. Just like a lighting rod. I find that helps and puts me into a more relaxed and stable mental state.
  10. jjveetec

    jjveetec Well-Known Member

    I think you should use larger font in your signature I can barely see it
  11. alphabetaomega001

    alphabetaomega001 "No. Edge Not. Fap. Or Fap Not. There is No Edge."

    Its not a font its a picture! ;)
  12. grayfoxxx

    grayfoxxx My English is worse than my ED.

    Too late... I did it. I relapsed.
    Sorry guys, and thanks anyway to Trascendence for the reply.
  13. DarkFlameMaster

    DarkFlameMaster Don’t regret the past, just learn from it.

    Whew! Glad I didn't give in to the urges. The cravings r gone and I don't think I will get them anytime soon coz I've got lots of things to take care of today and I am really tired...
    Gonna be on my guard :)
  14. jjveetec

    jjveetec Well-Known Member

    Yeah - picture of the font I guess. On my screen looks just the same - too small. The bigger you make it the stronger your will.
  15. DarkFlameMaster

    DarkFlameMaster Don’t regret the past, just learn from it.

  16. nowornever

    nowornever "Do not go gentle into that good night."

    It's 2:51am. woke up and the thoughts started rolling. I almost gave in. Well, truthfully I kind of did, I started masturbating to the "bad stuff," but somewhere along the line I mustered all the willpower I could and came here. I feel no urge currently. I'm going to go walk to the gas station and get a snack.
    I love you guys.. i dont know what I would do without this site, I'm so glad I'm not a lone.. I lost the 2nd best girl of my life to porn and p.i.e.d, and it kills me every day when i relapse.. how the hell did i make it 90 days before when i was with her? (too little too late, she left unfortunately), and now here I am struggling to make 3 days as a single man..
    the fight continues. thanks al1234 for creating this page, I will probably be using it again.
    thanks to fellow fapstronauts for walking this road with me and supporting me through this,
    and thanks YBR for existing.
  17. 7twenty7

    7twenty7 New Member

    I've had numerous moments of nearly relapsing lately. It seemed to start with seeing music videos in a public place with tons of sexual scenes and lyrics. On one hand I'm all about freedom of expression and embracing sensuality and sensuality. Yet, on the other, I recognize these are deliberate money making schemes to lure people into attention through their vulnerability and natural desires.

    After that, I stumbled on topless and posed shots and video clips of some nba player's wife. Technically, I should say I relapsed because I looked at the photos for a bit, while edging. I closed them down. Moments later I edged again. Stopped again. Then, a little while later I decided to just go ahead and orgasm. I am only letting myself off on the technicality that it was not sex scenes, and that I wasn't looking at the time. I know that's weak, but it's something to hold onto right now. Thankfully, it didn't affect my arousal ability with my girlfriend. The positive side was realizing that even simple nudes with smiles were now, after 7 months without watching sex scenes or group or etc, enough to make me feel arousal. For a long time, I couldn't stay erect from real sex or have an orgasm from real sex. Thankfully, almost magically, that problem has gone, and I now crave real sex and penetration-until-orgasm.

    But urges do remain, and laying in bed can make it worse. I'm doing that now, delaying waking up and getting to work (working from home today). Why delay? I don't really know. I feel a little groggy and have a bit of a sore throat, but I also slelt very well, at least 7.5 hours.

    Part of me is sitting here generating urges and thoughts of p0rn. Another part is generating thoughts of fantasies, in story form. Another part is generating fantasy based on fantasies my girlfriend shares with me during intimacy. Another part of me is imaging another, non explicit but still sensual, scenes. Another part of me is telling me to just go take a cold shower and shock my system a bit -- to embrace that challenge and feel the temporary pain and cold.

    I'm going to give in to the cold shower voice. Wish me luck. Here goes nothing

    \\\\\\\\\ \\\\` ``\\\\`\\\\```\\\\`



    Well, it's actually been about 5 hours since I typed "DONE" now, and it definitely shook off the dullness and the lingering thought. I've been able to feel good so far all day and focus on work.

    I may have to make cold showers a regular thing again.
  18. Dec

    Dec Member

    Strong urges tonight due to my hangover, rejection from a girl I thought I had a date with, friend sent over a video of a girl being licked out and frustrations from work etc. Briefly thought about looking on twitter for girls but stopped myself and am on here to stop myself now
  19. DarkFlameMaster

    DarkFlameMaster Don’t regret the past, just learn from it.

    Had extreme cravings today, It was terrific to the point I bypassed all filters and went to P site. I snapped before looking and took a cold shower.
    I am glad I didn't O. But at this point I am losing motivation. I don't know what to do now, I dont feel positive at ALL.
    Its like my brain is telling me- 'look here, u dont need to do anything just watch P and go masturbate.'
    It was good today morning, I dunno what got into me all of a sudden.
    i am glad i didnt relapse but even now a part of me still wants to look at P.
    It was out of my head this month, But now it came all back.
    I really need some motivation andhow the heck should I get these thoughts outta my head? :'(
  20. alphabetaomega001

    alphabetaomega001 "No. Edge Not. Fap. Or Fap Not. There is No Edge."

    Please don't relapse because you are an inspiration!

    Also you have to understand that relapsing is a trick. You think now that it is harmless but trust me it's not worth it. Pretend for a moment that you did relapse, imagine the feelings of guilt, shame, hopelessness, regret. And the one awful feeling that everyone gets where they question if it is possible to ever be free. You are free now. Keep that state. Tell yourself that the path now is a bit rough but at the end lies a meadow of pure happiness and success, the person you always wanted to be! Each time you say NO! to your brain you are forcing the rewiring process that it cannot have simple instant gratification. Think of the suffering you are going right now as your mind healing. Stay strong and remember all good things in life are worth fighting for!

    "If you can take it you can make it" -Louis Zamperini

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