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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by al1234, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. erdnase

    erdnase New Member

    Appreciate your advice, ciezkomi80. What were your PMO symptoms?
  2. ciezkomi80

    ciezkomi80 New Member

    Well I never had any physical symptoms. Everything was locked up inside my mind, so luckily for me my gear was functioning quite well. But everything else was a total disaster:
    - ZERO attraction to girls.
    - Just porn, but some serious, immoral stuff. I was even considering, that my orientation is based on that stuff and this is true me.
    - Feeling like shit all the time.
    - Totally depressed.
    - Social anxiety - but this one is tricky, since I live in a country where people, gently speaking, do not respect one another.
    - Lack of motivation.
    - Jerking off, jerking off and jerking off one more time. But only to porn. I was having those long raids in front of my computer, that could last up to two hours. Well, I guess you know that too...
    - Angry, hostile out of nowhere.
    - Cloudy mind?
    - suicidal thoughts
    - and some other stuff


    PS I updated the post, since I may, after all, have physical symptoms. I just never related those to porn addiction. Will investigate it further.
  3. himmelstoss

    himmelstoss Member

    Couldn't do any MMA today, probably not tomorrow either, haven't accomplished shit since yesterday, this is the first real urge I've had in a while.
  4. Youngfella

    Youngfella Active Member

    Well who does "accomplish" something great everyday? We all have bad days, low-energy days. I´m having a fever today, I can´t literally do shit, just watch tv or surf the internet. It sucks. But there will be better days. Stay strong.
  5. himmelstoss

    himmelstoss Member

    Well I was managing 3-4 days a week until I ran into this logistics problem. Hopefully I can make it on sat/sun this week.
  6. Invictuscreed

    Invictuscreed Life is short; don't waste it

    I should probably post here before I end up doing something that I will regret.

    Tomorrow marks day 29 for me, and I am feeling incredible urges. I don't know how I will survive tomorrow because I have nothing up: no school, no work, all of my friends are gone for the week.... really, I will be exposed to my biggest trigger: loneliness. I think that the very thought of being alone is the cause for these recent cravings.
  7. The Pakistani Guy

    The Pakistani Guy New Member


    for all of you who have relapsed.
  8. The Pakistani Guy

    The Pakistani Guy New Member

    got it from the nofap page.
  9. Dec

    Dec Member

    Started watching a video with hot F1 girls in it.

    Just wanted to check in here to force myself to not relapse

    Everytime I start looking at hot pictures I will comment on here
  10. Victory

    Victory Matthew 4

    Hi, I'm new to this forum! Feeling urges so I thought I would post ;D
  11. himmelstoss

    himmelstoss Member

    Ever thought of taking up kart racing? that's what I'm going to do when I have the money for it.
  12. TheBorb

    TheBorb Bullshit detector

    Major flatline dead dick pud-pulling urge right now, it's been tingling a bit for the first time in about a week but I know it's 'not in that mood', floppy like dachshund ears, got a *major* urge to cum though!

    Come on, fast food guy, ordered that curry over 30 minutes back! :mad:

    EDIT: Here!!!! Belt rebuckled, pheweeeee. ;) ;D
  13. Victory

    Victory Matthew 4

    Feeling periodical urges this evening to MO. My mind is trying to justify it even now. But I'm writing on here to help stem them, the fact is, the urge won't last forever! It just bloody feels like it :-\ Feeling a bit better now as I write, maybe it because I went to doctor today, having a blood test on thursday so some anxiety... I am also procrastinating completing a psychology past paper. Maybe if I do that I'll be ok... Yeah, I'll make myself a cuppa and get on with it!
  14. Dec

    Dec Member

    @himmselstoss only just seen your comment, it would be nice wouldn't it haha.

    Just checking in as I have to turn off my filter to watch a video (fitness not anything to do with porn)

    In the past I've relapsed in this situation so I don't want to this time.
  15. LittleRocket

    LittleRocket Member

    The last time I masturbated myself was 24 days ago, the last time I had release was 16 days ago with a escort. I'm thinking of visiting a escort tonight again since it's legal in my country.
  16. Legal or not, it's a bad idea.

    I have no emergency urges right now. I'm just browsing.
  17. jjveetec

    jjveetec Well-Known Member

    I think it's a bad idea too. I've done it in the past and always brought chasers and I eventually ended up relapsing
  18. LittleRocket

    LittleRocket Member

    Yer I know the chaser affect, it only last for a few days but I manage to over come them. Hmmmm
  19. EndofDays

    EndofDays New Member

    I'm about to relapse because I'm tired, depressed, and hopeless. I don't know what the hell I'm going to do with my life and every work environment I go into, everyone is just a fucking asshole to me. I can't get women and even if I do I know that it won't fix my life or suddenly cure all of my problems and yet I still believe that it will. I've had sex before and I know it's basically meaningless and yet I feel like it controls my life all the time even with this stupid PMO stuff. I just don't have any answers. If PMO won't make me happy and women won't make me happy and I hate my job and all I want is enough to retire then what the hell will make me happy and what should I do with my life. I'm just a little over 100 days in and I just don't know why I'm doing this anymore. If I'm going to be miserable, I might as well have 1 good thing in my life. It sounds sad but it's true. At least PMO would give me 10 minutes of enjoyment instead of 0 minutes of enjoyment. Could use some advice. I've read almost everything before... don't know if there's anything that can change my mind at this point.
  20. The question, "What will make me happy?" is the problem.

    You have to stop waiting for external influences to make you happy and make yourself happy.

    And that's not about getting things (e.g. sex, money, a job, whatever...), it's about challenging yourself and accomplishing things. Make life difficult for yourself, get out of your comfort zone, stop chasing (or even waiting for) the dopamine.

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