Embracing transgender identity leads to moral anarchy

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    Striveforpurity All praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I recently watched a documentary of the making of the original "Matrix movie" which was filmed in 1998 and was directed by 2 ambitious directors who were then known as the "Wachowski brothers". I thought to myself these guys seem pretty cool until I googled them and then my my heart sank as it transpires that both brothers now "identify" as woman.

    I find this a shame for 2 reasons. 1. because this was one of my favourite films of all time and 2. these brothers have now soiled their legacy. I've come to the realisation this is a sign of the times and Hollywood does weird things to people. Transgenderism is a curse that is spreading in our society and is ultimately an attack on God's design.

    Embracing transgender identity at the cultural level does not produce happiness and wholeness. It goes hand in hand with personal confusion and disorder which is also a common consequence of pornography.

    The brothers in 1996: https://goo.gl/WgWW1C

    And 20 years later: https://goo.gl/ifLQoA
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    It's unfortunate. But I don't think it's the worst thing.

    How does it lead to moral anarchy? That sounds like a huge claim. Can you justify it? What does it even mean? Overstating your case won't help.

    Are the Wachowski brothers 'moral anarchists' now? I doubt it. I enjoyed the first series of their Sense8 show. Even if it's full of homosexual propaganda. And triggers. I can't really recommend it to anyone here. It's... just okay.

    Here's my favourite transgender quote:


    The part on magic raises interesting ideas. With the sufficiently-advanced technology=magic of the future, sex, and all other aspects of biology, become increasingly malleable. But at the same time, sex will become less and less significant.

    Christians believe there's no marriage/sex in heaven, right?
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    The above quote is good. The thing with taking hormones and surgery is total insanity and I think that it is self-indulgent and disrespectful to nature at society. There are people who are actually born being "somewhere in between" and have legitimate concerns, but this has gotten way out of hand. The media obsession with this issue obviously is not driven by pure motives. I know a family where the mother was gang raped and the daughter "switched" to a male. The dynamics at play here are obvious. Cross dressing: knock yourself out. Ambiguous genitalia: these people should be accommodated. Seeking unnecessary "treatments" which are unnatural and unhealthy as a means of escaping various grievances with one's gender, not so much.
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    "Sex-change operations" are an extreme example of a first world problem. Not a cent of public funds should go towards them. Women think "I might get raped. If I was a man that would never happen to me". Men think "Being a man is too hard. Things would be easier (and sexier) if I was a woman.".

    I think that this relatively trivial issue is in the media so much because the controversy sells newspapers (or electronic equivalents) and it gives liberals a chance to pat themselves on the back. More than that, it distracts the public from serious issues, like wealth inequality, war, etc. Plus it helps to further the population control agenda, the agenda to destroy the family unit (and replace it with complete allegience to the state), etc. Distraction from real issues is the main thing though. It's kind of like the global warming scam, getting people who want to do good and would otherwise fight for better living conditions to fight imaginary enemies and think that they deserve less freedom and prosperity. Political correctness and its' latest manifestation as "identity politics" is about divide and conquer and about addressing language and surface appearances rather than actually improving anything. A bit of a tangent: portraying black people as mostly wealthy and "successful" on television distracts from the continuing reality of racial poor race relations and makes demands for change seem illegitimate and irrelevant. It's easier to change perceptions than to correct injustices.

    What we need to do is fully move beyond discrimination or glorification based on gender and sexual preference and realize how irrelevant it is to most of public life. Basing your identity on your sexual preference is just as ridiculous as a heterosexual man basing his identity on being a breast man, an ass man, or a leg man. Make a third option, with toilet and sink for "other" or make existing facilities "handicapped/transgender".
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    I might as well state my position on the social aspect. The transgender-acceptance meme is presently being pushed as an empathetic, tolerant, progressive stance. Opposition to it is characterised as bigotry against trans people, and denying them acceptance is cruelty.

    EDIT: I accidentally posted this early. I am editing this to add more... unless someone replies first. Then, I'll just reply.

    EDIT2: 'Acceptance': including use of preferred pronouns - this is not a trivial matter. Will I fight it at every opportunity? No. I haven't. When I just want to get along with people (e.g. at work) I go with the preferred him/her. (Never faced the 'challenge' of weirder pronouns... oh what an absurd world we live in. To call this situation a 'challenge'?!)

    Acceptance: also includes publicly-funded sex-modification surgery, of course! This is worrying; I've already posted the Piekoff quote that covers my position.

    Acceptance through these accomodations is requested or demanded, on the basis of supposedly very ordinary, universally-acceptable ideas of good-treatment of our fellow humans. Here's the tricky part. Sex-change operations are framed as 'life-saving surgery'. Because trans people are at a higher risk of severe depression. They keep killing themselves.

    And I'm not a heartless bastard! I'm not without empathy to those suffering with gender dysphoria. I have experienced a small degree of body dysphoria myself. At the start of puberty, when I noticed my body becoming more muscular, I didn't like that shit at all. I wanted to retain my non-sex-specific noodle-armed physique. (I have also engaged in, what might now be called, gender non-conforming behaviours as a kid. Without much problems, just a little bullying. I think the root issue was/is my aversion to conflict.)

    My contention is based in the matter of objective facts about the claims of transgenderism. What matters is what's true:
    • What IS a human being's sex? Is it defined by reproductive biology or feelings?
    • WILL getting longed-for surgery and hormones cure one's gender dysphoria, and thus stop their suicidal tendency? Will they be content with their body after? There are post-op trans suicides!
    They say the surgery and transition happened too late. They already developed too much sexually, so they couldn't transition fully so as to 'pass'.

    So now, kids are being sex-transitioned. Children young enough to believe in Santa.

    There is a dangerous mass hysteria aspect to this.
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    When I was studying Anthropology in the early 2000s, I was taught that sex is biological and gender is cultural. Biological sex is not whatever you want it to be. There are very masculine men, very feminine women and people who fit anywhere on the continuum from one extreme to the other. A tiny of minority of people are so close to the middle that they cannot be easily categorized. There is no such thing as a feminine woman who happens to have a penis, this is merely a sexual fantasy. Men, women, and hermaphrodites may have their genitals mutilated and disfigured as infants by immoral medical practitioners, sometimes without their knowledge. This is likely the basis of an extreme and persistent dissatisfaction with one's sex. Gender should be a free choice. Native American tribes had the Berdache, which were men who choose to take on the communal and economic activities of women. This was not associated with sexual orientation. Gender and sexuality are limited constructs which only apply to certain areas of one's public and private identity and which have a limited number of possible expressions. To base one's entire identity on these factors, or to seek out disfiguring, ineffective, and unsustainable practices to "correct" one's body are indicative of severe pathology. It is no different than claiming one was "supposed" to be a tree, a bird, etc. It is understandable why somebody might have such a harmless fantasy, but if believing that these can actually be achieved is not not insane, than the concept of sanity is meaningless.

    This is a good article. The paragraph on Identity Politics is spot on. Discrimination based on sex or race are primarily historical contingencies exploited by groups wishing to amass wealth and power and to dominate others. It is not natural or inevitable, but takes on a cultural life of its own after a certain tipping point.
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    After all my transphobic ranting here, I think it'd be judicious to post the source of the best pro-trans argument I've seen:

    It contains attempt to persuade the strident sex-realist reader to reconsider their conceptual framework around gender, by showing how it's really a human-authored thing, and motivated by compassion. It's just about being humane, guys!

    Yeah, imagine. Wait, is it true?

    Just for fun, the most interesting piece of trans advocacy: a left-accelerationist, gender-abolitionist mini-movement/meme called Xenofeminism:

    For completeness, in my research I've found the best anti-trans argumenters are not the Objectivists, but the radical feminists! Who are also gender-abolitionist! But they want to keep males out of female spaces. One source I'll link: http://www.feministcurrent.com/tag/transgender/
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    Me thinks thou art overcompensating for your "unnatural" desire for tranny cock in your back door. Embrace the tranny, the tranny is good, praise be to the tranny Lord in heaven :D

    But yeah public funding is bullshit, lots of people have their rationalized reasons to off themselves and yet the government/people only fund a specific set of privileged groups. Family related laws for example are responsible for a lot of male depression and suicide, and there is certainly no funding for those men, in fact government/law is the problem.

    This is the problem with taxation beyond what is needed to maintain basic public services, this is the problem with the welfare state. You just end up with a tyranny of the majority, far better to turn to a charity based system particularly as it is easier than ever before to inform others that you are seeking charity, and far more convenient for people to donate.

    If people believe themselves to be mentally ill, and they believe that a sex change operation is the solution, then they should get something going on gofundme or similar crowdfunding charitable organizations. It's time to do away with tax $ wasted on social justice, it just creates a greater imbalance and a bigger problem.
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