Ejaculation Whilst Completely Limp

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  1. Alexis Amai

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    Okay, so, this is kinda hard to type but I'll go ahead
    I'm not actually like super porn addicted or anything, although I'm in my mid teen years and sexually active but not overly? And I do read sexual things and sext or whatever

    But basically, I have been able to ejaculate and be errect since I was about 13, but I've never hit full puberty (I'm 16 now) in the sense of I have little body hair and never had any facial hair and whatever... I also don't really have mannish hips even though I am a boy and am more feminine than most guys BUT since about a few months ago, it's been a bit painful to be errect some times and when I've been prostately stimulated, I've been able to be hard and normally functional before but now I feel the same but I do ejaculate whilst being semi limp which seems a bit strange but it's apparently not that uncommon for penetration

    But the thing is that other times I've been aroused but not having any sort of anal penetration or anything, I just like ejaculate and don't get hard at all, like completely soft, and like this isn't always but it's not rare either and it kinda scares me? What's going on?

    A kind of separate concern is that my like sex puberty hasn't really happened normally, my voice hasn't broken either although it has cracked when I'm nervous for like 4 years and my penile length is just over 4 inches whilst hard and just under 2 when limp so like is that bad and what's going on?
  2. BuddhaPunkRobotMonk

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    Some people develop later than others. Give it some time. As for ejaculating without stimulation while still being limp... this is called spontaneous ejaculation, and it's nothing to worry about. Happens if you don't orgasm for long periods of time.
  3. Squire

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    Hi Alexis, it was really brave of you to post, I know this not easy to discuss, even anonymously. As @matthewmammothrept said, guys develop at different rates. It's entirely possible within a year or so you will develop quickly. But it also wouldn't hurt to see a doctor to run some tests to see what your testosterone levels are. There are good medications to raise your T-level but that needs to be under a doctor's supervision especially because of your age. You don't want to mess up hormone levels artificially while you're still going through puberty.

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