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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Spiritual_Warrior, Mar 11, 2017.

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    Hey everyone,

    So I noticed that when we abstain from the whole PMO thing when we relapse we feel good. You feel like it's a release of tension and you see it as something you had to given the stress you were having that time or whatever reason that is. I personally don't feel so much guilt after the first relapse.

    BUT the second one is the real problem. The second time I relapse not only do I binge mindlessly but I actually escalate to even weirder shit. I figured that the more time I spent "away" from this, trying to bury those envies, fetishs, fantasies or whatever the more they grow. So when you actually relapse it grows even stronger.

    So I found myself with two choices here. Either I go cold turkey and submit to never watch porn again and that might end up with a mental breakdown or I try to accept these sick things I want (whether they were porn induced or not) as something that I have to live with. That way they won't harm me anymore. I won't feel that guilt and shame. And I am actually starting to accept it little by little. I just have to draw a line between what I can permit myself to do and what I do accept but can not "feed" in any way.

    What do you guys think ? Do you have something similar to this ? What do you do about your taste on porn when it escalates to something disgusting ? And how do you manage your desires that grow stronger each time you relapse ?

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