ED from Overused Pelvic floor

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  1. IWillWin03

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    Hey guys, I've posted here before about this subject but I never quite got a good response... From anyone here, have you cured this from rebooting? Basically I think alot of us have messed up pelvic floors which affect our pooping, peeing, and sexual functions... Anyone fixed this? I'm terrifed.
  2. IWillWin03

    IWillWin03 New Member

  3. IWillWin03

    IWillWin03 New Member

    Anybody? Please?
  4. Wack793

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    Hey man. I got the same problem. I’ve developed a routine though, by combing through a lot of these kinda threads. Not sure if it’ll work but I do feel a bit less tightening of my pc muscles.
    These things should help:
    - reverse kegels
    -pelvic stretches
    -not kegeling after you pee

    I’m trying these things, it’s been a week. Let’s see what happens
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    also bump

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