ED from fantasy?

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    Hi all, so I rebooted years ago successfully, but over the past few years, hit a bit of a snag with relationships, and fell back on some MO. I rarely used porn, but I engaged in fantasy, instead of pure MO to touch. I'm wondering, from your experiences, has this attributed to PIED for you?

    Good news is that I was able to get a semi erection from making out with a girl while I was in the middle of this, but it wasn't a full on erection like I have gotten in the past just from kissing. Since the new year, I've been better, with only a few slip ups, so I'm aiming at being full rebooted, over the next few weeks, but I was just wondering what people's experience with this is, if you've had any.

  2. shattered

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    I developed ED problems long before I watched porn and I suspect it was MO and fantasy.
    Think about it: your fantasies have no limits and what you can visualize can be more stimulating than porn.

    I know for a fact I had ED issues before I ever watched porn.
  3. stone

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    Personally I think fantasy can do more harm than porn.
  4. Freedom from Servitude

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    I remember reading on YourBrainonPorn somewhere that supposedly the brain cannot tell the difference between porn and sexual fantasy. I don't know for sure whether this is true, but from an addiction perspective fantasy seems to have similar effects on my body whenever my mind strays to sexual imagined thoughts occasionally. I get a dopamine rush in the brain, my heart races and my body starts to prepare for a quick ejaculation. From that alone, I think that it is possible that sexual fantasy could have contributed to your ED. I suggest cutting it out all together to see what the results are. You have nothing to lose.
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    On this topic, I've discovered something so profound that I may post a new thread on it. A while back someone on here recommended a book by Douglas Weiss titled "sex, man and God".
    If you've followed my posts, I have never - ever recommended a book or anything like that, but in this case, the book has some answers about masturbation and fantasy that have in some ways helped me complete a 25 year long quest to figure out what the heck is wrong with me.

    After reading this, I am now convinced that I am 1 of a subset of men that went down a road of severely damaging myself with masturbation with fantasy habits, and in some ways a heavy weight has been lifted. This is because my belief is now about 95% strong that I can trace my ED and "apparently low libido" issues to the simple conditioning that occurred in the MO pattern with fantasy.

    I'm the most optimistic I've been about recovery in recent memory. At the same time, I admit profound sorrow about years lost and other damages.
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    I have no doubt that fantasy give ME ED as I have hardly watched porn in a long time and if I do jerk off to fantasy erections get worse. The only time I've made big progress is when I WENT THROUGH THE PAIN and made sure no touching or fantasy let alone porn for a long period. I don't think it's as black and white as Yourbrainonporn makes it out to be. They hypothesize PIED only started when high speed internet allowed us unlimited porn, but I had PIED from magazines when I was in high school and never looked at movies really let alone tube sites.

    Other things that we don't talk about that to me surely cause ED are:

    1. not doing things in the right order. It should be:
    1. get horny without physical stimulation 2. get an erection 3. keep the erection and use your dick until you nut.
    If you try to force erections while watching porn or while your not horny, or are continuously losing erections or going somewhat soft while searching for that next clip to watch, you are training your brain to work unnaturally and to think it doesn't need to keep a sustained hard erection.

    Another big one is while not having an erection (even with one it's bad), stimulating yourself in a way that doesn't involve your dick, training yourself to feel sexual pleasure without an erection. This is massive and I've never heard anyone talk about this. I liked playing with my nipples as I found I could get a massive dopamine rush from that coupled with fantasy/porn, you brain will train itself and in the end it felt better than jerking off. This absolutely destroyed my erectile response so I definitely had to cut that shit out.
  7. shattered

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    I'm in my 40's, and used to use the lingerie catalogs. I remember even when I got the flu when I was 15 years old, I was doing it, so it's definitely an addiction.
  8. InChristAlone

    InChristAlone porn gave me a limp noodle too, Gabe haha

    "The difference between porn and porn fantasy? The mouse." -Gary Wilson
  9. Gil79

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    Could you post a reference to that study @jasonbloom?

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