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    Hey guys my name is Michael, 29 years old and I was actually never that much addicted to porn though I think I have PIED and porn induced DE.

    Standard story, got into porn around age 12, couldn’t have sex with a condom when I had my first two girlfriends (age 17-20) and I also could never come inside a vagina till I was 24.

    My first sexual experience were more than bad (ED). That was actually the reason why I always thought nervousness would be the problem. It took me 4 years before I had the thought that porn could be the problem.

    I already did a reboot for I think 80 days or something. After that I had sex with a condom and also came for the first time ever in a vagina (really, best day ever).

    A couple of orgasms later I had ED and DE again. My first thought was to do another, longer reboot, which I did.

    160 days without an orgasm (sex occasionally when it was possible). I was more than confused when the result after 160 days was worse compared to the 80 days reboot.

    That was the point when I realised that there is also a connection between good sleep and ED/DE (what a suprise). I was suffering from insomnia for 8 years quite heavily till 4 weeks ago. Always when I had a couple of good nights my erections were 10 times better as well.

    Since I couldn’t figure out the reason for my insomnia it was really hard to stay motivated to stay away from porn. Apart from that stress is my biggest trigger to watch porn (/to go to a massage saloon) – there was lot of stress caused by many, many sleepless nights.

    I watched porn probably every 2 months in the last 5 years. Unfortunately I compensated it by going to massage saloons that offered happy endings.

    Since I was/I am really hooked by femdom stuff I’m not sure if that was a clever idea (even though I never liked the really, really sick femdom stuff). I could basically do things in real life that I only knew from porn. For sure it helped to get through my insomnia (really, really horrible times) but obviously it wasn’t a good idea referring to porn, DE and ED.

    However, it is how it is. Always accept reality. Since I have overcome my insomnia it’s now time to overcome my massage saloon addiction, my femdom tendencies and to get back to get aroused by vanilla sex.

    Right now normal girls aren’t really interesting to me which is most likely caused by not being aroused by normal stuff. I’m pretty sure it will get back to a more normal level soon (it almost always did. As soon as I abstained from orgasms I could at least have sex with viagra after 1-2 weeks (even though I couldn’t get an orgasm) when my sleep wasn’t too bad).


    - Goals:

    1. Being able to have sex and orgasms with condoms

    - The two main reasons why I’m here:

    1. I’m 100% sure it will be 10 times easier (especially in the first time) to not go to massage saloons/reading explicit sexual advertisements of girls that offer sexual services (they really describe in detail what they would do etc. it’s definitely releasing a lot of dopamin) without making my plan public

    2. I want to keep track of how everything develops, how long I really have to stay away from everything etc.

    For now I have the rules to masturbate max. once per week without imagination of anything that’s not on a vanilla sex level (I will reduce it if it’s necessary) and most importantly to stay away from everything that’s artificial.

    Really happy to be here, this is my day 1 of no massage saloons and no internet adertisements, let’s get that shit handled.

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    The first week was quite good, already feel an increase in libido and also had slight morning wood a couple of times.

    Had a really bad night, almost couldn't sleep at all. Felt really stressed which triggered a couple of imaginations and also created the urge to go to a saloon. It was tough but at least till now I resisted everything. Hope my sleep will be better tonight!

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