ED as a result of NoFap??

Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by OpenedDoor, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. OpenedDoor

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    So I've not masturbated in 6 Days. I've never gone longer than 3, so I feel like I'm making big progress. My concern is that things that would normally arouse me and get me hard aren't doing the trick like they did before I started this. Stuff that I'd normally find very arousing is only giving me a semi at best now, and it's taking longer to get there. Is this a common occurrence for those of us who aren't used to stopping masturbating and go cold turkey?
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    Yes, this is to be expected. :eek: Your brain will have begun to make some adjustments in it's 'reward circuitry'. A flatline ensues which will cause a total loss of sex drive or libido. Your dick will lose sensitivity and erections will stop. This is only temporary, but may last several weeks - everybody is different. The biggest mistake made during this phase is to test your penis. Rest assured, it is working fine. In fact, it will come back working better than ever. But trying to make an erection happen now is an error.
  3. OpenedDoor

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    Yeah, just saw this. Already tested it out, so I guess It's back to square one. I didn't ejaculate, but I did stimulate myself just to make sure. Thanks, I'll keep at rebalancing myself. I appreciate the answer @FUBB

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