Early morning PMO, therefore the day is ruined

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by NewTerritories, Jan 27, 2016.

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    Anyone else have this thought pattern?

    I started the day with a high, then a crash. So now I don't feel motivated to do anything. It's, say, Saturday, so I guess that writing project will have to wait till Sunday. For the rest of today I'm feeling to low to do anything 'active', not even play videogames. But a good night sleep will refresh me and put my mood back in order. So tomorrow I'll make good shit happen. Today I'll idle away browsing the web, maybe have another wank later.

    That paragraph has been an accurate description of... too many days for me. Putting the complete thought into writing somewhat exposes the error in thinking here. Feeling a bit down is a bad reason to waste the rest of the day. Having a particular mood at a given time is a poor reason. I can pump myself back up by taking positive actions. When there's external motivation, it's not so hard (e.g. having to actually go to work). It's a positive feedback system.

    So there's a recovery tactic. Feel shitty and do what I planned to do anyway, cause it'll get better. Of course, prevention is a better option. Like starting the day with a shower, then reading a few pages of wisdom from a Stoic sage or other inspirational text, and meditating on that and one's worthy plans for the day, way before plugging into the net (via PC, phone, or anything).
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    When relapsing in the morning, I would directly (maybe workout), take a cold shower and meditate for 30+ minutes. It mitigates the effects to a great extent. Then you can go on with your day like it didn't happen.

    Or you can self-loath, and sow the seeds of your future relapse.

    Your choice.
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    We've all been newly-conditioned that a relapse means a little-death (quite literally, the death of the rest of the day!).

    But as Newnes said, it doesn't have to be this way. By doing nothing until the morrow, you will feel better tomorrow, granted. But in the interim period, by feeling low you are conceiving your next breakdown.

    You said it perfectly when you said to continue doing what you had planned for the day as if nothing had happened. When I followed through with that plan after a relapse, I was back on the horse in no time.
  4. Yep ruined a many a days with an early morning fap lol

    thats why i ususally relapse at night at least i can sleep and start a new day the next day

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