Dynamics of No-PMO streaks in a period of 28 days (9.5k people sample size)

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by ultrafabber, May 2, 2019.

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    This is a follow-up of a chart I made a while ago https://preview.redd.it/ce6j48jfzj9...bp&s=1617ad8f95de920491115f474b7b3218f205f2d6

    The initial topic contained the data for a single day. That is, i went in and gathered the data on how many people were in each streak timeframe at a particular point in time (January 10th). Since it was a single day observation, there was a significant possibility that the data was not overall representative of a trend, even if the sample size is very large.

    So I gathered the data over a period of 28 days and what you see in the chart are all the entries overlapped, which demonstrates an obvious trend.

    I have the data for more than 90 days - it's up to 700 days, but i narrowed the chart to 90 days because it would've made the graph unreadable. You are more than welcome to play around with the data and come up with other statistics and visualizations. Filebin link that will expire in one month from now https://filebin.net/22oq0vyu3p94btb3

    Limitations of the results:

    1. the data is gathered from a very popular app but it's limited by how the app creator decided the progression cutoff points (3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 10 days etc). Obviously it would've been much better if we had data on every single day, not on irregular intervals but it's the best we have so far and the sample is huge.

    2. the app creator told me that inactive users are removed after 7 days. Inactive means they haven't logged in the app for over 7 days.

    3. the fact that inactive users are removed has upsides and downsides, it doesn't inflate success rates but at the cost of inflating failure.

    4. i missed 4 days and i filled in the numbers by averaging the former and prior numbers.
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    Am I too stupid to read the chart correctly or what does the graph show? That most people relapse after 10 days?
  3. Gil79

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    Ok, so horizontal shows length of streak and vertical the number of people that had that streak. Indeed a bummer that it is with 3day frequency, because there seems to be a 'preference' for a specific number of days (45 and 60). Like: I made it to this milestone, now I can fap :p. Or do you have another explanation for those peaks?
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  4. ultrafabber

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    The graph shows how people relapse. The graph overestimates failure because it doesn't count users that haven't logged in in over 7 days. The first days are inflated anyway because all the following days reset there. It's impossible to calculate the effect.

    But even so, it still seems like first 7 days are usually the hardest.

    The peak at 45 can probably be explained by the jump in intervals (from 5 days to 10 days), therefore accumulating more people. Don't have an explanation for the one at 60.
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  5. FUBB

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    Of course they are. You don't need a graph to know that! :rolleyes: The first half of the week is the chaser effect, when the fantasies and porn images are still fresh from day zero.

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