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    I don’t expect to get many answers to my question, because it seems to be a subject that many people don’t like talking about. But I’m not asking this just out of curiosity, or because I’m overthinking things. I’m asking this question because I’ve started seeing a physiotherapist and it turns out I have a weak pelvic floor.

    I always thought that the fact I had a dribbling ejaculation was due to low libido, PIED, etc. But it seems that it could be a separate issue. Just to make it clear, by this I mean that the sperm sort of leaks out of my dick when I reach orgasm, it never comes out in blasts, even after a 90-minute edging session.

    My question is, does anybody else have this as well? Do guys with ED have ‘normal ejaculations’? In other words, is this just a pelvic floor issue or is it also brain related?
  2. My experience: I almost always orgasm in blasts. I have managed to literally cum in my face several times lol.
    But I noticed that when I used to PMO with shitty erections, it sometimes happened that my semen leaked out of my penis. So, according to my experience, the incidence of dribbling ejaculation is negatively correlated to erectile strength.

    Not trying to falsify your physiotherapist, he might be right as well, and as Doper says, this problem should be attacked from all angles. I think that pelvic muscle problems might contribute to ED, but for us, guys desensitized with PIED, this proportion can be up to 10-20%, no more. When you have rebooted for a long time, you have seen huge progress, but there is something missing, this might the pelvic area. But our first priority is to avoid porn and masturbation like the plague.
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    Thanks man, it makes sense. Yeah, staying away from porn and masturbation is still a priority. But once this is under control, it’s good to keep investigating, if things haven’t changed much after many months of rebooting. If physiotherapy can help me improve my erections by 10% or 20%, that would be huge.
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    I also feel that weak ejaculation most of the time. The only time it could be more powerful for me is after a long edging session or when I have not O'd in several weeks.
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    Thanks, this is very enlightening. After a long edging session or after a period of many weeks without O, I would release larger quantities of sperm, but it would still be dribbling. Seems to me I have a combination of PIED and weak pelvic floor.
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    First, I think, what we need to do is ask your Physio exactly what he means by weak pelvic floor, and I'd be interested to know what he wants you to do to ameliorate the issue. If his solution is more kegels, then I can't abide, because I don't think that makes sense. I think it is the cause of your issues and will make them worse.
    When you see the term "weak pelvic floor", this is usually what is meant. Nuance is unfortunately lost here, as there are multiple ways one can have a "weak" pelvic floor, and the ways of dealing with them are literally opposites.

    I wrote a response to your last post about "weak pelvic muscles", but I didn't post it because you seemed unusually happy about your discovery, and I didn't want to be the wrench in the gears. First off, the rest of us aren't just firehosing ladies' faces like Pete North in his prime, at least I don't. Just the other day I just happened to see Rogan on his podcast talking with his guest that when you're young it shoots, but as you get older this lessens to a ... dribble. As well, have you guys not seen countless porn scenes end with a dude nutting like this? ... I think it's reasonable normal. Your girlfriend has exclusively been with Supermen, it seems. A recurrent tale, in my estimation.

    Those other symptoms you mentioned, I have them all. I can fix them, but it takes work, and kegeling or "strengthening" the pelvic floor, as in the parlance I described above, ain't gonna help.
    Now, I'm no expert on the subject, but I've been dealing with the shit for say, 18 years, and know how to rid myself of each symptom well.

    Tight, overworked muscles are the same as weak muscles in this case.

    Like I mentioned, there are two sides to this, like someone training bench press every day, and not doing rows.
    It's the equivalent of someone kegeling a lot, without balancing that with reverse kegels. I believe, that for us folks with these symptoms, we've got in the habit of not just doing the former a lot more than the latter, but using the former as a stand-in for the latter, in different practical every-day uses, because the latter is "weak".

    What is a kegel? you are flexing the PC/BC muscles. When do you use it for practical purposes? ...To stop urinating (or to stop yourself from nutting when on the edge, if you're edging).
    What is a reverse kegel? .... I dunno,lol, but the opposite. Practical purposes? Starting to urinate, defecating, pushing out newborn liabilities (babies).

    So as we see, in relation to nutting in more powerful blasts, as is one of the goals here, it wouldn't make sense that more kegels, or "strengthening" the pelvic floor, would help in that sense, it would make it worse. Think about urinating. If you kegel, it will stop the stream. If you reverse kegel, it will make the stream stronger. If one has a weak urine stream, it means tight overworked pelvic floor (tight, overworked kegel response/weak underdeveloped, underworked reverse kegel response).

    You have to look at the pelvic muscles as a ratio. Too many kegels and you have all these issues. I HIGHLY doubt the opposite is the problem. The only people, I'd wager, with the opposite problem are women who've overstretched this part of their body by pushing a freaking lifeform from their loins, and have to tighten it back up with kegels. That's why any sales literature one comes across for "strengthening" the pelvic floor is aimed towards that cohort.

    And think about it another way. Your pain symptoms are due to constricted muscles. TIGHT, OVERWORKED, CONSTRICTED.....not loose. Loosey goosey muscles that get optimum oxygen, bloodflow, nutrients etc. do not hurt. Look at your hand, does it hurt?.....Now make the tightest fist you can and hold it for the next 6 hours. Naturally it won't feel good. Your pelvic muscles hurt and have symptoms because that is exactly how they've been treated for who the hell knows how long.

    All the symptoms you've mentioned line up with tight, overworked pelvic musculature overall, and a WEAK reverse kegel response.

    Working those reverse kegels, doing the stretches I mentioned and others, and external/internal trigger point therapy will help these issues. But the symptoms will likely get worse in the short run. Don't do too many reverse kegels right off the bat, and not too hard, that will set off some pain. I've done that many times.

    And I'm not suggesting do any of this before giving your physio's ideas a shot first, this is just for backup. And maybe the guy is totally clued in, he sure seems open minded enough and obviously wants to help his patient. I'm not a doctor.
    I'd hop over to https://www.ucpps.men/ and pay the $20 bucks to join (it just supports the continued operation, the guys a saint to run it so long). I paid a much higher inflation-adjusted $20 back 17 years ago, lol.
    Maybe buy Headache in the Pelvis by David Wise ....
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    Thanks a lot, Doper. Your post is very long and detailed, it must have taken you an hour to write it, I appreciate it. It was also very considerate of you to delay your post. It’s true I was unusually optimistic when I posted in my journal a few days ago.

    Each time I meet with my physio, he introduces a finger into my anus and he touches all than can be touched in this area. I’m not kidding, this lasted 15 minutes last week. Where his finger is, he can feel my PC muscle, and how it is at rest or when I contract it. At rest, my PC muscle has a normal level tension (not too tensed, and not loose either). I asked him some questions about this, just to be sure, because since I joined this forum I thought I probably had a tensed PC muscle. He explained to me that when people have a tensed PC muscle (most of the time, it’s only men, almost never women), he can’t move his finger easily into their ass. Also, with these guys, when he pushes against the walls of the rectum with his finger, he feels a tension, or a resistance. In my case, there was a normal level of tension.

    Then, he asks me to contract my PC muscle. With his finger still there, he can feel the strength of my contractions. I know it’s surprising, but my contractions aren’t strong enough. I’m like some women after they gave birth, they don’t have much strength there. Another problem I have is that I have a hard time contracting my PC muscle without contracting other muscles at the same time (belly muscles, buttock muscles, low back muscles, etc.).

    So that’s why my physiotherapist says I have a weak pelvic floor (or should I say weak PC muscle). There’s no tension in that region, and the contractions are weak.

    According to him, the solution is to do Kegels on a daily basis (3-4 series of 10 contractions, no more than that). Each time I see him (every 2-3 weeks from now on), he’ll put his finger into my anus and see if things have changed. If it turns out you’re right and he’s wrong, I think he will be able to see it at that moment. If I feel some of the symptoms are worsening, I will just stop doing Kegels. I’m not worried about this at the moment. If it’s what happens, then I’ll do a routine of reverse Kegels on a daily basis for a few months, coupled with glute and piriformis stretches (which I’ve already been doing everyday since you wrote about them).

    As for what you said about the role of the PC muscle during ejaculation, I think it’s not the same process when you urinate. Yes, by contracting the PC muscle during sex, you can delay ejaculation, that’s why guys with PE have to work their PC muscle. But, once you have crossed the point of no-return, contracting the PC muscle won’t stop the ejaculation. And the sperm is ejected because of the contractions of the PC muscle (and the bulbospongiosus muscle). It seems that the force of the blasts depends on the strength of these muscles.

    Another thing: I understand that a man’s ejaculation can lose strength as the years go by. But I have always ejaculated this way. When I started masturbating, at around 13 or 14, my ejaculation was the same. I never noticed any variations in my ejaculations during my life. And about my girlfriend, well I asked her again yesterday and she was clear: she has never seen a man ejaculate the way I do. I asked her to be precise, explicit, and she said that all the men she’s been with (much more then 10) came in blasts. She was categoric. Last week I looked it up on internet, I typed ‘dribbling ejaculation’ and I ended up on a porn site I used to go on a lot (lol…). There are many videos called ‘dribbling ejaculation’ on that website (most of the time, in the videos you only see a man who is masturbating, there’s nobody with him), and that’s exactly how my ejaculation looks like. And I gotta say that throughout all my years of watching porn, I never saw guys come the way I do, even in amateur porn. With this, I’m 100% certain: I don’t have a normal ejaculation. I’m not sure what the cause is, but I’m certain that it’s not normal, and age isn’t a factor here.

    Thanks again, Doper. I’ll keep all this in mind as I continue my Kegels routine. I’ll make sure to watch closely the evolution of my symptoms to make sure things don’t worsen, and I will keep asking questions to my physiotherapist. He never mentioned reverse Kegels, so I’ll talk to him about them next time I see him. I think that even if my pelvic floor is weak, doing reverse Kegels won’t hurt, so I might start a reverse Kegels routine as well. I’ll keep you updated.
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