Dopamine Wars

Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by tsmith1302, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. CidGuerreiro

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    No doubt being drunk, tired and nervous had a lot to do with your schlong not getting up. Only in movies guys can get totally hammered and still perform at 100% efficienty. I mean, it "can" happen, but it doesn't happen very often.
  2. rabbit.

    rabbit. Member

    Good job on the no O runs, T!

    I'm all ears ;D
  3. tsmith1302

    tsmith1302 Active Member

    The last couple of weeks have been interesting.

    I went on two dates with a new girl. She was a real catch. Very pretty and going for her doctorate. We made out at her place on the second date.

    A few days after the second date she sorta went off the radar and said she had to do work on a dissertation for school. I knew something was up. Now that the dissertation is over I tried making plans with her for the weekend and she wrote me a message that she's decided to pursue something with somebody else, it's no reflection on me, it's shitty timing, blah blah blah.

    On one hand I think it's really cool that we had two good dates and made out. Patting myself on the back for that one. On the other hand, it really sucks that it didn't last too long.

    Not gonna take it personally though, it just is what it is.
  4. CidGuerreiro

    CidGuerreiro Well-Known Member

    ^Story of my life right there. Great first date, sometimes a great second or third date, and then... nothing. She just vanishes.

    Consider yourself lucky that you actually got an explanation, I rarely get that from women. For me they just become distant and dodgy, until I get the hint and stop pursuing them. Somestimes they just flat out stop responding to me.

    Anyway, every experience counts when we're aiming to get our dating life on the roll.
  5. tsmith1302

    tsmith1302 Active Member

    I appreciate the reply Cid.

    Yea, I've had these type of situations before as well. A couple good dates and then they vanish. Usually I blame myself, because I'm not that aggressive and don't really try to get physical with the girl. In this case, me and her did fool around a little bit - so I felt good about everything.

    I also didn't try too hard, I didn't act desperate or anything. So I really don't know why I came up short, but yeah, it's pretty common these days I think.

    I kinda just want to say F it and PMO all weekend. I've been pretty good lately, only orgasming one day a week usually. This weekend I'm very tempted to just indulge. I've really been trying to clean up my act and am still not getting much results in dating. It's frustrating.
  6. CidGuerreiro

    CidGuerreiro Well-Known Member

    One thing that helps me cope with that shit is that "rejection" is just a projection of our own frustrated expectations. There are like a thousand reasons to why she decided to go for the other guy... who knows, maybe thet had a thing before you showed up. Maybe he's rich, maybe she's into some crazy shit that he's down for. I could go on forever but you get what I mean, right. Her decision wasn't based on who is "better", the human mind is not so black and white.

    About getting physical and advancing, I can get physical pretty fast, lol. First date and I'm playfully slapping her ass, biting her neck or something like that. Doesn't really change my situation, though. They still walk away.

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