Dopamine vs Serotonin?

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by Mistakesweremade, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. Mistakesweremade

    Mistakesweremade New Member

    Ok so I've a really good idea what dopamine is & the effect it has on addiction. What about serotonin?

    Does it work sort of the same way? Should we even bother knowing about it?
  2. GoingPrimal

    GoingPrimal Age 20. A New Life

    I would also like to know more about serotonin. I think it is worth learning about.
  3. ls558

    ls558 Member

    Serotonin is a tryptamine, and like all tryptamines, can't be explained using simple terms. It's not the "happiness" neurotransmitter, the same way we associate dopamine with motivation, addiction, etc. Serotonin is incredibly complex. You wouldn't think it if you listen to pharmaceutical ads, but most of the serotonin in the body is in the intestines and plays a role in regulation of bowel movements.

    A better way to understand serotonin is to understand all tryptamines as a family. It's just one of many.
  4. GoingPrimal

    GoingPrimal Age 20. A New Life

    Wow I did not know it had anything to do with intestines.
  5. geeknoid

    geeknoid Guest

    As far as I know serotonin affects your social life and risk taking behaviour.
  6. hogus

    hogus Well-Known Member

    This. Serotonin is the most misunderstood monoamine, which is to say we don't really know much about it in the brain.

    To be honest psychiatry in general is far behind what it should be...
  7. rayan

    rayan New Member

    Dopamine is the one is responsible for ecstasy and craving. If it goes higher "by drugs", it causes addiction by rush. That's why when we addict porn, we look for hotter videos and want more. The same thing in craving sugar. You ate sweet desserts, signals are sent to the brain to crave more sugar as you didn't feel got enough.

    Serotonin is a hormone responsible for happiness and emotions. Serotonin is good for brain skills. It is responsible for sleep, too. I do not know much about serotonin.
  8. Hmmm... can no PMO regulate the serotonin problem? I mean if someone has problems with serotonin "levels".
    How exactly is serotonin created?
  9. coolmusti

    coolmusti Go hard or go home

    Serotonin has inhibitory effect on sexual function, it's responsible for mood, emotion sleep etc.
  10. coolmusti

    coolmusti Go hard or go home

    Just google it god damn it.

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