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Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by wojtekoxx, Feb 14, 2014.

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    Last night I had a strange idea, that because I can't get anything done when it comes to studying to finals and doing projects, I will just cut myself off the Internet, and won't check my phone. Well at first I was just cleaning the room out of boredom, but then I started to work on assignments. Aaaaand it lasted till 16, when my mum called and I had to answer. Well, after the call I responded to a few sms with valentine day's best wishes etc. Then, after just a few sms, I got hooked and could not get myself to finish studying.

    Well, my theory is that, when you start with the dessert, you won't eat the main dish. Like, if you go dieting, and have a cookie, taste of your usual healthy foods will deteriorate fast. Maybe dopamine is connected with that. I felt strange freedom when I was without the Internet and my phone, and games. I still know I will have it before my sleep so no anxiety.

    Well some people from self-help articles will talk that one should start hardest things first, because the most energy is in the morning, or focus is the best, or something, but nobody wants to start with difficult things, right? The paradigm shift that avoiding pleasure early will make work sweet is another way to look at the thing. I will definitely not use the Internet before late afternoon tomorrow. Have fun checking this
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    that's right. eliminating fap, tv, porn, internet entertainment, smoking, drinks, music automatically motivates us to do something else. Great Boxer Muhammad Ali reportedly would abstain from sexual intercourse 6 weeks prior to a fight in order to improve performance on the night. But I don't know if that's true. The thing that worries me is wet dreams. I loose sexual energy through it but it's not my fault!
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    It's not eliminating per se, it's eliminating till daily portion of work is done
    Yep, I ruined my longest streak ever (40 days) by having wet dream with ugly girl!
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    I know. many say it's a healthy process. maybe it is . if once a month. but if happens once or twice a week i don't know. the opinion maybe different for different person though.

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