Don't drink if you want sex

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by wataru, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. wataru

    wataru New Member

    Just thought I should share this story with you. During the New Year night I got super drunk and guess what: my libido, which was there the previous days, was gone in an instant, my dick that was hanging good, was now a "flatline dick". This continued the following day as well, even when the hangover passed, and even a little today, 2 days after, my morning/night wood was weaker and the flaccid size still isn't fully back but it's getting there. I haven't relapsed or anything.

    So, if you want and plan to have sex, don't drink, it messes you up, especially if you have PIED. A beer or a glass of wine is ok, but if you plan on drinking anything else or in big doses, don't plan to have sex that night (or the day after even).
  2. bosseau

    bosseau Guest

    Alcohol can do that to people without ED too you know?
  3. wataru

    wataru New Member

    Of course. And if it can do that to people without PIED imagine what it does to us....
  4. pm62

    pm62 Member

    I see that as a good thing. That makes it easier for you to reboot. If it causes you a temporary flatline, you should thank the alcohol not avoid it. Alcohol=anti-porn drug
  5. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Alcohol INCREASES my libido and makes me even more horny and wanting to have sex.
  6. Dre93

    Dre93 New Member

    Yeah what this guy said is absolute BS, I mean It might apply to him but I remember before I even knew I had PIED I would be out at a club and alcohol would make me wanna bone more.
  7. Kyle

    Kyle New Member

    Alcohol used to make me a lot hornier the next day
  8. marco

    marco Guest

    Maybe alcohol can get you guys to be hornier but that doesn't mean you will have your erections when you need them. I sometimes get super horny when I'm drunk, but my erections are way more easy to get when I'm sober.

    Maybe getting drunk doesn't increase your libido, maybe it's just the desire to PMO.
  9. dvxsantana

    dvxsantana Wrath Knows No Equal

    No, Just No.
  10. wataru

    wataru New Member

    Than why don't we all just get drunk and have sex with our super libido we get from alcohol?
  11. marco

    marco Guest

    I don't know about the others, everyone is different, so I speak only in my name but every time I was sober I was ALWAYS hard for penetration, every time I was drunk I was eater not hard for penetration or NOT HARD AT ALL, although I was horny. So yeah, alcohol doesn't help in my case, but as I said, everyone is different.
  12. dvxsantana

    dvxsantana Wrath Knows No Equal

    Yeah, it hurts some people, getting whisky dick. Common frame. it's s'ok tho
  13. Medic-78

    Medic-78 New Member

    It's normal,I have got the same. "Lots of alcohol is bad for libido, erectile function and orgasmic function."
  14. speclk

    speclk New Member

    Alcohol is a vasodilator in everyone. However, too much alcohol will have the opposite effect. It's pretty simple. Don't really understand any debate about this.
  15. Dre93

    Dre93 New Member

    This vasodilator statement is true, Athletes actually use a chemical supplement form of ethanol while training because of the way is helps blood reach their muscles. But if your completely fucked then obviously things aren't gonna go as planned.

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