Don't Break the Chain - Jerry Seinfeld productivity technique

Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by WaveRace, Jul 22, 2014.

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    Heard about this idea that a Lifehacker blogger got from Jerry Seinfeld. The guy met Seinfeld at a comedy thing and asked him for some advice. I searched the internet and there is a ton of information about this. It does make sense, but has to be for simple goals for me.

    Seinfeld's calendar on a wall, with red X's on each day that he completed the task "Write a joke". Simple. Rather than some complex formula and multiple pages. Just write.

    People have molded the basic idea into a variety of different methods but following the theme of 'Don't Break the Chain' of consecutive days. Though sickness and Jury duty kind of thing can be accounted for as not a cop out. Its the visual reminder that helps. Gets you out of your head.

    The first calendar I started was - Leave the house daily. I don't mean walk around the block. I mean intentionally leaving to go a do something. It can be as simple as an errand. Why does this seem worth the bother. I want to see on the calendar a long chain of actively leaving the house. The second has to do with Apply for jobs. Though applying for a job has so many variables. I'm trying to simplify it to say - At least 1 job, or gather "application documents" and have it ready for submission if it is really detailed.

    Anyone else heard of this?
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    Not bad actually, i might try it mostly to apply for jobs.
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    There's a website called that lets you track daily progress on whatever you want. I read about it here as someone used it to track his PMO / MO etc., I use it to track my drinking, smoking, excercising, etc. It does feel good when you get a long streak going on something that is good for you....
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    this is great. the part that work for me is keeping it simple, and not starting by raising the bar super high right away... and coming from seinfeld! love it.
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