does PMO cause hair loss?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by wafflebot1234, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. hey bros,
    you might find smth interesting here -->
    but it takes a lot of time and dedication, about 8 months of scalp exercises, on a daily basis
    10/15 minutes once or twice a day.

    I think I'll start them to do, they are so easy, in fact you can do them everywhere, simple scalp movemenets.
  2. aristotle

    aristotle Member

    When I was younger (in highschool) the lady who cut my hair would always tell me how thick my hair was and that I would never have to worry about going bald. Now I'm 27 and about 2 years ago my hairline started receding and the hair in the very front of my head is started to thin out. Now I'm starting to really worry about it, but at the same time I'm really lazy and just think to myself worse case scenario I will shave my head when I get older. A friend of mine said it was because I was using too much gel, so I try not to use as much now, but it doesn't seem to be getting any better.
  3. grzeg12

    grzeg12 New Member

    I never see man who lose his hair because of masturbation. If it will be true every man will be bald.
  4. Gruznbyrg

    Gruznbyrg New Member

    As others have said, it's my understanding that male pattern baldness is related to DHT and genetics. If masturbation raises DHT then it follows that people who are susceptible to MBP will be effected, but I've never seen any study about masturbation raising DHT. If anyone has info about it I'd appreciate it if they posted it here.

    I started losing my hair when I was about twenty. I was concerned at first, but then I just started cutting my hair short and didn't worry about it. The one thing I've started doing is using Nizoral shampoo because it's easy and I can just pick it up at the drug store in the shampoo isle. Here's a couple abstracts about it that popped up easily:

    There are many more studies and lots of subjective accounts in forums online.

    I figure if it does anything to slow down or stop hair loss that's great. If not it at least eliminates dandruff :)
  5. OU812

    OU812 New Member

    From what I've gathered through extensive Research is that...being Insulin Resitant is going to destroy your hair at a RAPID pace...more than anything else.
  6. JerseyJay911

    JerseyJay911 New Member

    I'm a recovering addict that experienced a lot of hairloss due to masturbation alone. Nizoral may help somewhat, but not nearly as much as cutting out PMO. Although your post has truth in it, you would see more improvement in your hair if you were to put all your focus on fapping, which is the REAL culprit of hairloss for men who are genetically predisposed to MPB.
  7. JerseyJay911

    JerseyJay911 New Member

    What does being insulin resistant have to do with fapping? Or were you just speaking in a general sense?
  8. OU812

    OU812 New Member

    Was speaking in general. Also getting your body to that point where it's developing Insulin Resistance is a HUGE mistake. I speak from experience. I've been doing everything "right" for almost a year...and my fasting glucose numbers are STILL nowhere near optimal. Reversing Insulin Resistance is a B...I...T...C...H !

    Just an FYI...What led up to it is...following those Bro-Scientists that tell you to consume post-workout sugars & carbs. If you're above 10-12% Body Fat...that crap just makes you FAT ! Just look around at any Gym in the US...dudes walking around like they're swole...when in reality they're just fat. I was that Guy...Don't be that Guy ! Lol... Lean & Ripped = The Epitome of Health & Hair !
  9. Porn_Fiend

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    Haven't went to the barber in months and my hair is short as fuck lol, and it still won't grow, lol use noodle head cream in my head everyday nothing works, hairs faling out, but i haven't PMO'd in so long duno what to say.
  10. JerseyJay911

    JerseyJay911 New Member

    Yeah I hear you. I have diabetes in my family, so I am concerned about this. I have started workout regimens and lost weight, but I've hit a plateau. I'm not fat, but all my weight goes to my belly. So I'm skinny, but I have a fat pouch. My postworkout is a protein shake with just 95 calories. The bro scientists can go to hell.
  11. JerseyJay911

    JerseyJay911 New Member

    That just means that pmo isn't behind your hairloss. In my case, I lose lots and lots of hair. But as soon as I quit PMO, hairloss stops completely.
  12. manster

    manster Member

    I really do think it does. I started to lose mine pretty early (late teens). Both of my grandfathers have/had full heads of hair. My dad does not, but he tells me he didn't start to lose his until his twenties, I believe. I had the thickest frickin' hair as a kid and I was sure that I'd have thick hair as an adult, but, unfortunately, that's not how it worked out. I'm 27 now and my hair on top is pretty much gone. I've been shaving my head for almost as long as I've been losing hair, to keep myself from looking like I'm pushing 40. No one else in my family, that I know of, lost hair as early as I did, so I'm confident my porn addiction played a major role in this.
  13. coolmusti

    coolmusti Go hard or go home

    Nothing to do with genetic susceptibility, mpb is caused by increased androgen receptor sensitivity to testosterone and dht, baldness is caused by short cag repeats, long cag repeats causes androgen insensitivity syndrome. The younger and balder you are the shorter the cag repeats, the increased transcriptional activity. Young bald men have the highest androgen and increased androgen receptors than their hairy cousins. That's why men who've been castrated and men with androgen insensitivity syndrome who carry a X chromosome never go bald. Baldness is a sign of virility. Embrace it. It's manly. Dht is the king testosterone is weak.
  14. manster

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  15. Gonnabeatthis

    Gonnabeatthis New Member

    You realise your evidence is from a TV show.
  16. Universe0

    Universe0 New Member

    I think PMO really affects hair and causes them to be weak.
    I am having hair losses problems from my early 20's but the last months that i try to reduce PMO everyone tells me that my hair are stronger and more shinny.
    So i think there is definitely a correlation.
  17. JerseyJay911

    JerseyJay911 New Member

    Guys, there's no need to even debate this anymore. It's a waste of time. If you have noticed that PMO has increased you hairloss, nobody is gonna convince you otherwise no matter what. The best you can do now is quite PMO, and hopefully it reverses some hairloss. Also, keep up with your exercise and diet. I am trying a new supplement for my pmo-induced hairloss which I believe will reverse my hairloss. I'll report my results and if it works, I will reveal what the supplement is, and you guys can try it out too. I am glad to see that I'm not the only one suffering from PMO hairloss.

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