Does anyone know how to get ED drugs through online pharmacies in the UK?

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by 19yearoldvirgin, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. 19yearoldvirgin

    19yearoldvirgin New Member

    Hi, i live in the UK. I was wondering about these online pharmacies. I am sure reliable accredited ones like lloyds online pharmacy wont try to rip me off or sell me fake stuff.
    So i was wondering,if i would be able to pay for it online without it showing up on my bank statement as money paid for ED drugs and if i was able to go collect it from the store instead of it being send to my home as i live with my parents and they are very nosey.
  2. hollow

    hollow Lost & Found

    i am living in the uk
    they wont sell u such stuff withour prescription .. same happened to me .. well u are still young & virgin & doing amazing on ur progress so u dont need them .. but let me tell u something .. visit an nhs clinic .. & tell them u had sexual trial & failed .. & need a to know if its physical or there is other problem .. they gonna make u a blood test .. then when results are fine hopefully you can ask them to write u a sexual drug (viagra, cialis etc) .. so that u can use it in case u feel something wrong with ur erection

    this story exactly happened with me .. but before discovering my real problem through ybop website .. then i knew its not about my organ .. its all about my brain .. which is definitely true .. cause our both organs work like fire for 2d & refuse going for real girls .. then i havent ever used the drug .. but still saving it

    but i think u can do that .. firstly a free blood test gonna make u feel better when u realise that u are ok .. & in case of existence of any problem u can solve it .. secondly, while u dont need such drug but u can buy it & keep it in pocket .. this will release any anxiety while having sex .. cause u know that if anything wrong would happen u have the instant solution to save ur night

    i am willing to do that after going through good rebooting/rewiring process
  3. bigproblem

    bigproblem New Member

    you can get a maildrop.
  4. nowheretogobutup

    nowheretogobutup New Member

    Note I have used in the past with success. I don't live in UK but they are legal where I am (elsewhere in Europe) and they deliver as promised.
  5. richard29

    richard29 Member

    Indeed you can. I got a prescription online through lloyds pharmacy. Twas delivered the next day in discreet packagin. It's expensive though.

    Also remember that the problem is in your brain, not your penis which ED drugs only work with. If your PIED is bad, they probs won't make a difference.

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