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    Hello, man. Dont`t focus so much on numbers, this approach does not work. I can`t afford a therapist too, but I strongly recommend you to visit
    There are some great content to understand why you are doing what you are doing and how to handle it.
  2. LettingGo

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    Day 26. No PMO.

    Tomorrow, we let go, again.
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  3. LettingGo

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    Appreciate your contribution, thanks. I'll go through the resource thoroughly soon.

    I'm not so focused on counting days so much though. In fact, i have no days target. Just saying no to porn one day at a time. I just found this place an easy way to journal.
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    Day 27. No PMO.

    One day at a time.
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    Day 28. No PMO.

    I found something helpful to make this journey easier (attached image) from Shane Parrish of The Knowledge Project. And so my rule is:



    Tomorrow, we let go, again.

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    Day 29. No PMO.

    29 days sober. Living my best life, free of porn. Grateful for the progress.

    My rule: I Don't Watch Porn.

    Tomorrow, we let go again.
  7. LettingGo

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    Day 30. No PMO.

    Tomorrow, we let go, again.
  8. LettingGo

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    Day 31. No PMO.

    Serious urges we early in the morning and later in the afternoon. Idleness and sexual images on Twitter yesterday.

    I need to be more careful. I dealt with the urges by acknowledging the feelings and saying no.

    On another note, I am a little worried about if I can handle strong urges when I start going out actively. I've been mostly indoors the last 30 days. I look forward to going out again. If I pass that, I can pass anything.

    Whatever happens though, not watching porn again. A rule is a rule, and my rule is that I don't watch porn. End.

    Tomorrow, we let go, again.
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    Day 32. No PMO.

    Tomorrow, we let go, again.
  10. LettingGo

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    Day 33. No PMO.

    I'm alone in the house today (and will be for a couple of days), I'm having to actively block out the thoughts. The test of my endurance came sooner than I'd imagined.

    But I'll survive it. Why? Because I don't watch porn. I have stopped. I am living my best life being 30 plus days sober. I will not debase my mind with some graphics on a screen. This is the rule!

    (Rant over. I feel better.)

    Tomorrow, we let go, again.
  11. LettingGo

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    Day 35. PMed.

    I've been indoors alone, watching film for more than 12 hours since yday. Barely slept. Hungry and weak. The first only fans account I saw on Twitter and everything went southwards from there.

    The conditions that enabled this:

    - Alone
    - Idleness
    - Hunger
    - movie binge
    - lack of sleep
    - mindless scrolling Twitter.

    I don't want to get myself down on this, so what I'll do is to not make this repeat itself, tomorrow, this week, this month...

    I'm climbing back the horse.

    Tomorrow, we let go again.
  12. LettingGo

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    Day 36. No PMO.

    Urges were strong. Now understand why a recovering smoker cannot just taste one stick.

    Still saw some nudes on Twitter, but I've blocked and unfollowed the account that brings it to my TL.

    Tomorrow, we let go again.
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    Day 37. PMed.
  14. LettingGo

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    Day 38. PMed.
  15. LettingGo

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    Day 39. No PMO.
  16. LettingGo

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    Day 40. PMed.

    Still alone in the house. Terrible record all week.

    I must and will get back on the journey next week.
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  17. LettingGo

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    Day 41. Still PMed.

    Sometime in the afternoon. Shameful
  18. LettingGo

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    Day 42. No PMO.

    I slept earlier than normal the previous night, got some work done early in the morning, had some of my finances taken cared of, cooked a nice meal, and went out in the evening.

    It was a good day. Lots of activities. Little stressors. These removed the urges I suppose. And I feel better.

    Tomorrow, we let go, again.
  19. LettingGo

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    Day 43. No PMO.
  20. LettingGo

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    Day 44. No PMO.

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