Do you or would you respect pornstars?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Notgivingin, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Notgivingin

    Notgivingin Guest

    Few weeks back, I looked up this star's Twitter page just for curiosity on what they post. She said that you should have respect for her or anyone in the industry for what they do.
    ...I may sound hypocritical but why should we when they have sex on camera. I wouldn't know if it's tough or not but it seems pretty easy to just take a D*** inside and lay down for a living. You don't go to college for this, earn a degree for this, one ex star who mentioned how she regretted porn mentioned how most other stars were dimwits.

    To make matters worse, this star who said that she deserves respect has 2 kids under 3 years of age and still in porn. Wow!!
    Porn stars are sluts to me and I just don't think they deserve respect. Sex should be for the bonding of 2 people alone. But I'm on this site meaning I've been an addict so I sound like a hypocrite.
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  2. Cbeet310

    Cbeet310 New Member

    You sound pretty judgmental. I mean there are people with all kinds of jobs and a good rule to live by is don't judge a book by it's cover. Just because someone is in porn doesn't mean they don't treat others with respect and that's just how they make a living. There are priests who molest boys, guys who get kicked out of the military for drugs, CEO's that commit fraud blah blah blah. They are people doing a job and that's the bottom line.
  3. new_1

    new_1 Guest

    Cbeet310 is absolutely right, in my opinion.
    There are dozens of more questionable and/or easy professions than this one. The prevalent opinion that doing porn is all fun and games is as simple as it is wrong.
    Women who enter the porn business do so because there is always a demand for fresh faces. Who is responsible for this demand? All of us here - for example. Therefore, we shouldn't judge in any way.
    And just by the way - you only mentioned female porn stars ("sluts"). Do you consider the male counterparts equally disgusting?
  4. stretcher

    stretcher New Member

    I rarely bother to learn a porn actress's name, because most of them look interchangeable, with generically pretty faces and bodies. But there was one cutie that I couldn't get out of my head, she looked different, did herself up different, all in ways that pushed my buttons, so I got her name. Then a year or two later (read: six months ago), I googled her and found her home page. Whaddaya know, this 24 year old hottie likes to talk about Kierkegaard and high culture on her web page, when she's not talking about how she loves wearing Hello Kitty and pink eye shadow.

    My head nearly exploded. Unrequited love for a porn starlet never hurt so much.

    Whatever. Judge 'em or don't judge 'em, who cares.
  5. Notgivingin

    Notgivingin Guest

    you guys have good points. But I wrote that incorrectly. I meant she said you should respect her FOR doing it.
    Personality wise, yea you should respect people if they deserve it. I have no idea what they went through to do this so I can't really judge.
    But she said respect her and others for doing porn. I think that is different. She isn't doing a good deed for anyone. Except those who actually still like porn I guess.
    I don't respect her job but at the same time, she isn't gonna be a good role mosel for her two kids who one day can just search her name and see all her actions.

    Another issue, porn is too easily accessable. Just one search and you find so much. It really should be more restricted. Sure you could put k9 or something but what parent would think that their child was watching porn?
  6. UsernameTaken

    UsernameTaken New Member

    porn stars are the scum of the earth. and deserve not one ounce of respect
  7. Cbeet310

    Cbeet310 New Member

    Notgivingin, I definitely here you man. When you hear pornstar it comes with a stigma and most people look down upon it (but probably watch it) and think of them as sluts. Maybe it is an easy way to get a buck and it's sacrificing dignity for some money. I wouldn't not respect someone just for doing porn, but I also wouldn't have respect for it so idk.

    About it being easily accessible it is like you said just one search away. I think damn near every kid sees it at one point, at least males, and a lot of them will start jacking off to it. It wasn't in our heads that this was going to bite us in the ass when we started watching porn. Things like this sight will hopefully make it more common knowledge and accepted that porn is indeed a problem and can mess with your life so hopefully future generations will be more likely to steer clear of it.
  8. JG55

    JG55 Member

    I think this is a dangerous conversation for recovering addicts.

    Say what you will about the porn industry. Personally I find it to be a sad, and very brutal lifestyle. And I live in LA.

    We're all better off realizing its destructive force in our own lives, and these performers are a part of that. Demand or not they choose to be a part of it.

    Idolizing, fantasizing about, or even respecting them is incredibly detrimental to recovery imo.
  9. WoLong

    WoLong Guest

    Whether you respect them or whatever you think of them is subjective. The fact is that they're doing serious damage to society.

    Interesting fact though, one porn star (Anonymous so no one is tempted to look her up) has an iq of 156:

    Adult film actress and member of Mensa

    "The more I learned about the histories of organized religion, the more convinced I became that people are extremely gullible, and that I need to get off my ass and start a religion of my own!"

    "[I am one of the guys when it comes to] gaming or computer skills, or even just all-around geekiness."

    "[My hobbies include] studying Wall Street and quantum physics."

    "I don't have a TV, and I don't party or socialize."

  10. Cbeet310

    Cbeet310 New Member

    "Interesting fact though, one porn star (Anonymous so no one is tempted to look her up) has an iq of 156."

    This is not hard to believe at all. There a murderers in prison who were smart enough to work anywhere from running businesses to fucking working for NASA but people have emotions, desires, tragedies, aspirations and countless other things besides just intelligence that determine the choices they make and path they follow. People of all size shapes and colors who are smart and stupid do all different things. It's always funny to me to see people lump a group of people up as one and label them as all stupid or smart. That is ridiculous. Dumb asses and smart people alike can be whatever and do whatever. There are no set rules.
  11. Purpl3Wind

    Purpl3Wind New Member

    IQ is just a tiny one of the many elements which characterise a person, or are we living in fluffyland where "good" people are "smart" and "bad" people are "stupid"( whatever those labels even mean in the first place)?

    I think there's not really much to say about whether one should respect a pornstar or not. It's a person, with dreams, hopes, fears, emotions, family, ideas and a complex story just like anyone else; and anyone of us could have chosen, or could choose, to walk a similar path, or even a darker one.
    We just like to fool and reassure ourselves saying that "we're different", when in fact we're not : can you really say you would have never become like one of them, were the circumstances right?
    We're all in this, and i mean really all. There's no place for judging the person herself, we have neither the ability nor the right.

    Of course, their profession is to be condemned, but they are not. And before one says that theychoose to do it, let me tell you something : these women do freely choose to live the life they want to, but they are not free of wanting what they want. Meaning, if women want to engage in pornography in the first place it's not because they are "naturally", as some would say, driven to do it because it's "fun"( we're joking right?), it's because they are indoctrinated by society( we see this literally everywhere) to think their value as a human being lies in the beauty of their body; they learn since a young age to objectify themselves and think that their worth is not in their thoughts, not in their feelings, their ideas, their objectives, but in their body.
    How sad is that.

    Porn is to be fought, but pornstars are to be pitied, because (in my opinion, mind you) they are victims just as we are. They are in a worse condition even, because at least we started recognising the problem, some more some less, and i can't even express how terrible a waste of human potential this is.
  12. BrEak-Free

    BrEak-Free Member

    saw one of my favs months ago tweeting about getting a car and talking car engines !! really made impressed also same gal had a tweet bout gettin a college degrre
    even p stars are not all about dollars and sex
  13. new_1

    new_1 Guest

    Blaming the internet for its content is too easy. When you are responsible for a child and have ever been online, you should know the risks.
    That means you're supposed to block certain pages/queries at least at home. Every person who reads a newspaper every now and then knows that there are dangerous places of the internet for children.

    Well, that's different.

    Right, but neither is she hurting anyone personally. So I'd respect him/her no more and no less than someone who's working at the supermarket. Why should I?

    Live at let live. Immature intolerance is going to get you nowhere.

    How should demonising those people be beneficial for one's recovery? You should have a modicum of respect for everyone from the start and that includes people such as porn actors/actresses.
    I don't see why I should blame everyone around me for my personal problems.
  14. goingforward

    goingforward Keep calm and carry on!

    I'm trying to respect every single man, including porn actresses. IMO there's no diffrence between prostitution and acting in porn films. Both mean selling sex for money

    But we don't know anything bout their stories, so I think we should politely shut our screwing mouth

    Even if a girl went to industry because she had seen an opportunity to easy money, many seemingly decent people may be more rotten.
  15. Abi Nash

    Abi Nash New Member

  16. jack91

    jack91 Find your way throuh Staff Member

    I think pornstars are hurting society with their work and while we watch it we become weaker and socially isolated. Being more addicted. It's serious problem and has caused so much suffering. I think truth should come out and truth being as very worst porn is horrible shit for developing brain, by doing porn they mess so many potential lifes. So many dreams of high functioning careers and lifes just turns to isolated depressed sadness that mommy brings food to your door because your too messed up to take care for yourself. To this my point is porn is causing problems and porn itself is not to be respected more than a cancer for example and in the same time both should be respected as a force's to destroy lifes and give a wide look towards to understand them so that we can combat them. They are diseases. Purely morally porn actor can be respected for anything good that she/he does. Just like anyone else. Porn is a problem then again sexwork in my eyes is much more understandable and acceptable. Girls get easy buck but what of it? Let them. Anyone wants easy buck and if they have to tarnish their hands a little and they are okay with it and handle it I personally have nothing against it.

    Would I respect porn actor? First thing that came to mind is I could if person was a man, then I realize I'd respect man for doing sex on camera? It's cool somehow? It in the second glimpse feels like sexism and demeaning for woman right to be respected and equals.

    I could respect sexworker but at the same time would feel the need to made them stop. Because sex diseases are bad thing and getting money for possibly in self sabotaging manner in long run is bad idea. They should learn to live without money. It's not that bad, widen perspective and enjoy company of your friends, family or dog example.

    Sure woman should be respected and they are. Just like someone said already judge or not no one gives a crap. It's just about you. Too much hate hurts you too.
  17. Pete McVries

    Pete McVries Active Member

    A fish rots from the head down if you catch my drift...
  18. ultrafabber

    ultrafabber New Member

    There is nothing to respect for porn. We should respect all people regardless of what bad things they did, we have to be neutral to them. In many cases p actors are victims of this degenerate industry themselves and do it because they need money, but still, the act itself is not respectable.

    Porn is nothing respectable, neither is prostitution. I actually respect someone who accepts that what she/he is doing is not ok more than someone who wants to force me to accept it as ok.

    I've heard many p people talking about porn as "entertainment" or "art". It's not. It can have "art" elements like good image/lighting, but the act itself is not respectable at all.
  19. Imfree

    Imfree Active Member

    Female pornstars can't be blamed for what they do (typically after severe trauma). The male producers are the scum. Just listen to some of them talk.

    This is the one that pro-porn people can't talk their way out of. They gloss over the fact that real people are in the scenes. If your are watching or promoting porn, you are implicitly stating that there ought to be a race of sub-humans who endure anything for our gratification. They make some money with it, but not that much when you really think about what they do for it.

    You should pity pornstars. Demonizing them is just a symptom of the porn addict mindset. And I would say the person watching it is more responsible that the performer. This is classic projection.
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