Do penis exercises work?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Life_learning, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Life_learning

    Life_learning New Member

    I'm not complaining of my size but theres tones of websites for people said they gotten size and people who say its bullshit. Have any of you guys tried? The only exercise I do is kegel.

    But if your under a strict daily routine of:


    Will you be able to increase both length and girth?

    Will it be permanent results?

    Will it be a significant change? (e.g. 2 inches?)

    Or is this just a bunch of bullshit?

    I want to put this thought to an end because everyone says both sides.
  2. rcfergie5

    rcfergie5 Guest

    I've done jelqing for a little while, and my dick has gotten permanently bigger. It's real.
  3. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member

    I think they do work.

    There are plenty of forums with progress pics and journals.
  4. HANDsome_devil

    HANDsome_devil New Member

    I did these twice in my life. In my early 20's pre porn addiction, and in my mid thirties addicted to PMO.

    The first time I did them, they were easy, and seemed to gain quarter of an inch in length and some girth. They seemed to make my ding dong more vascular, more than anything else though. I already have a good size one, and remember reading that some guys with larger ones did not see the results as the guys who maybe did not develope to their full potential in the first place may have. No science behind this statement, just trying to remember things.

    The problem I have with jelqing is you must stay somewhat errect. Some used to suggest looking at pics of P. When I was younger, I could jelq in the bathroom standing up, no problem. After becoming addicted to P, I realized I was just edgeing to porn basically. So I don't think it helped me then.

    I fully plan on trying to jelq latter on though. With out P, standing up, like the olden days.
  5. Drewboo

    Drewboo New Member

    Yea, penis exercise work. It's something you have to be devoted too though, as it can take a long time to see gains in size. If you're
    actually serious about doing them, there are a couple of things to know before you start that are VERY IMPORTANT FOR THE HEALTH AND FUNCTIONALITY OF YOUR PENIS (do I have your attention now? lol). You'll want to listen, or you risk making your recovery from ED a dream. Any thing capatlized is only to mark its importance, it shouldn't be taken as me yelling at you, ok?

    1) If you are on any type of Anti-Depressant DO NOT START DOING PENIS EXERCISES.
    -AD's mess with your brains chemistry and can have all kinds of effects on your body and this means your penis. I started doing PE with the Bathmate Pump (the only pump you should consider as a beginner as it is very safe to use), got into a jelqing routine, and started seeing good gains, I mean, it was silly how big my dick looked lol. It started working better too, partly due to the fact that I was abstaining from P and using just light, lubricated grip to re-sensitize my penis. But I overdid it, and I ended up with what is called a Hard Flaccid, meaning that although your penis is flaccid it is hard in the center. The use of AD's may have been a contributing factor. I know that when I continued to take AD's after stopping PE, my hard flaccid stopped healing, if you continue to try doing PE with a hard flaccid, your penis will turtle (retract) and stay that way. The big and fat penis gains I had gotten dissapeared overnight, leaving me with a penis smaller than my thumb. It since has gone back to pre-PE size (still hard flaccid after months) though.

    -Adderall already messes with peoples ability to get erections, and now that I have hard flaccid, makes it worse

    -Newbies tend to see the fastest gains, but they also have the highest rate of injuries so DON'T OVERDUE IT.
    You want a BEGINNERS APPROPRIATE ROUTINE, you won't want to attempt jelqing (the other most often cited cause for Hard Flaccid) at first for the most part. You'll want to do A LOT OF GOOD, QUALITY RESEARCH into PE in order to find a good, and well-reviewed beginners PE routine. Warm-ups ARE NOT OPTIONAL FOR YOU. You're not running laps at your high school for a bullshit gym class, you need to warm-up in order to deliver enough blood to the tissues in your penis so that they can REPAIR. There are reputable websites with routines, and then there are websites run by guys who have had enough success to convince you of taking on their routine but don't have enough knowledge to know whats right FOR THE MOST PEOPLE

    Ok, hope this proves useful and didn't scare you off. It's just that PE needs to be done right or both you and your penis won't be very happy
  6. livefreeordiehard

    livefreeordiehard New Member

    What is "long time" exactly? Weeks, months, years?

    Do you have a timeline like f.e. 1 month = x inch gain, 1 year = y inch gain?

    Do you have some tips, links on where to find good beginner routines? Or can you post one directly?

    Much appreciated, thanks.
  7. Drewboo

    Drewboo New Member

    As far as length of time goes,
    -if you stick with a good routine consistently (I really do recommend you get the Bathmate Pump, that helped with my ED as well), you should see gains in a month and noticebly bigger gains in 1-3 months. I'm not sure if I remember correctly but I believe after the initial newbie period of fast gains (which not everybody sees, depends on individual body chemistry and capacity), it may take up to 6-12 months for further substantial gains. Of course you have to know if you've just hit a plateau, or you're doing something wrong, you'll have to be careful to be a good judge of what's going on and ask questions of other PE enthusiasts on forums-or just get an online coach but this might not be necessary and can cost $50 US dollars for 3 months of coaching. You might very well find the same or similar routines a coach offers for free on a good PE website/forum.

    Site/Source for Reliable routines
    -This is a good all-around PE site:
    I would register for access to the forums in order to look for a complete Beginners Routine
  8. HANDsome_devil

    HANDsome_devil New Member


    Did you ever do "hotwraps". Basicaly where you wrapped your ding dong in a scaulding hot wash cloth before jelqing? Back in the day, that was the most sugested warm up routine. Hey, I had to pay money to join the old sites. LOL I did injure my penis as well with pain, popped blood vessels and whatnot.

    Also back then olive oil was the suggested lubricant due to the fat content or something like that.

    Another thing, I got the bowling pin effect. Not much on the net about it, but a few dudes seem to get it after jelqing according to the old forums.
  9. Life_learning

    Life_learning New Member

    Ok so I'm assuming jelqing, penis pumps, and stretching are not good while we are all recovering from porn ed?

    Kegels I think are fine. Will I see results just from kegel?

    What would be a good routine to start? Currently I'm around 6.5x5.5 but want to get bigger.

    Do you have to buy a penis pump?

    My goal would be something like 7.5x6
  10. Life_learning

    Life_learning New Member

    Do you think is good during recovery?
    What was your plan?
  11. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member

    Dude, that size is more than enough, trust me.

    (assuming you're measuring correctly)
  12. Mmbram93

    Mmbram93 Guest

    Hey guys i was interested in this ones , but after some guy told me in this forum that the exercices cause nerve damage , i stopped ,Im asking any one who tried them now, did they cause you losS of sansation , what about the foreskin did it get loose ,pls help , i tried them for a month and i haven't seen results !
  13. livefreeordiehard

    livefreeordiehard New Member

    I think it's a bad idea during reboot.

    Maybe I'll try it after I'm done rebooting.
  14. Dr.Nick

    Dr.Nick New Member also has a good forum. [ just make sure you don't go anywhere near the "picture proof" or porn related sections! ] I've been a member there for a while, but I haven't been consistent in my Penis Enlargement (PE) exercises. Now that I'm rebooting and experiencing some signs of flat-lining, I don't want to go back into it until I start to feel some recovery from this rebooting process. But this time, when I do start it up again, I'm going to be totally committed.
    I'm an average 6"x5", but years of fapping to girls getting boned by nothing but the biggest cocks has really fucked up my confidence. :eek: :-[
  15. sak1234

    sak1234 Member

    drewboo, when did you start using the bathmate during the reboot? I decided to gift myself a bathmate vs the headphones I was planning on to buy on my 50 days of no MO. I just don't want to do it too early in all honesty.
  16. Drewboo

    Drewboo New Member

    I don't remember any precise date or approximate time into my reboot when I started to use the bathmate, but if your really having problems with quitting masturbation/porn for the length of time required, I think waiting until you have reasonable control over your urges is more of a good idea than going ahead and getting one. Only because adding any more focus onto your penis might not be a good idea when part of the point is that you are addicted to porn and/or masturbation and you really don't want to be playing with your dick that much. Up to you either way of course.
  17. sak1234

    sak1234 Member

    I'm not too worried about relapsing. Most of them have come because of blue balls or because I O'd with a girl and chasered, but even then it's usually just MO relapses.

    I just have noticed that my penis has been getting much more sensitive and I don't know what the bathmate will feel like on my dick.
  18. Life_learning

    Life_learning New Member

    don't buy a bathmate.

    If you really want to increase erection/size do kegels... starting now.

    Thats really the only thing...

    You can jelq, stretch, and jerk off all you want later. And even that might only give you prolly half an inch.

    If a woman can't be with you because of penis size then she got a fucking problem.

    I've been growing a little and im 21. Males full potential is 25, so stop obsessing over your current dick size.

    Women too have small/large vaginas. There's short/tall women. Big/small every body part. Everything you think is what a women would think too.

    Stop being so womanly and be proud of yourself and your penis.

    I know I started this thread but I don't give a fuck anymore.
  19. sak1234

    sak1234 Member

    Life_learning, what got you all riled up?

    I haven't had a single girl complain about my dick, but who wouldn't want to increase their size or reach their full potential in size? Like most people on this board, I am doing this reboot and anything else to get my dick working again for my own satisfaction. I've been doing kegels for a few weeks now, but I don't know exactly how much it has helped just yet. It certainly didn't help me last night, that's for sure. If the bathmate even speeds up my recovery by a week, it'll be money well spent in my book.
  20. Drewboo

    Drewboo New Member

    Kegels are a good way of working towards hard erections, but as you'll find out, they're a real workout
    and you won't be able to do many at first. And if you do decide to do them, incorporate them into a PE routine as kegels alone
    aren't enough.

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