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  1. Dilem

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    day 71/32

    it has yet been a while since my last update so here we go again.

    things have gone with ups and downs the last few days. the pain in my right nut really messed with my head. i was thinking it could be something a lot worse than just blue balls. but then i had a wet dream the other day and the pain started subsiding and it's almost completely gone.

    i couldn't get hard as easy as before either and up untill just now (i just had a verry pleasant, unexpected random boner) i couldn't get it up even if i wanted to. i don't even think i had morning wood for the past 4 days. but as i mentioned i just had a nice hardon so i presume everything is returning back to normal. now i'm horny as hell again tho. strange how someone's mood can change from doubting wether or not you'd be able to perform at all to almost sticking it in the electric socket, all in half a day's time.

    anyways as i'm coming closer to my goal (at least that's where i think i'm headed) progress seems to slow down. i'm not seeing significant improvements on a day to day basis anymore but in the long run i'm still getting better.

    on a completely different note, i just signed a contract to start working again. a place where there's a bright future in sight so i'm feeling on top of the world.
  2. Dilem

    Dilem New Member

    Day 74/35

    i'mma jump right in. condoms used to be a big problem for me, i used to go soft the second i started getting one on. i came across a few condoms i had laying aroun which i couldn't use anymore (one was past the expiring date and the other one's packaging was broken. so i decided to try them on to see if i had made any progress in that department.

    conclusion, i can wair condoms now without going flacid instantly. now get this, they actually feel really good. i jerked myself a little to get hard, put on one condom and it was a completely new sensation. i don't know if it's the tightness of the condom or just that it's been over a month again since my last concious orgasm but touching myself even for a few seconds nearly set me off. i was almost at the point of no return. i even considdered for a second to just give in and jerk off but i stopped. this is a major improvement over what i used to experiance with condoms and is a tremendous confidence boost.

    rather than being a bad thing and making me lose my erection, a condom can help me maintain it instaid.

    i must confess one thing tho, i've been edging as of lately. i get so horny at time i just start jacking off without finishing. i don't know if this will set me back seeing as to how i'm pretty far into this reboot already.

    as always any input is welcome and helps me a great deal, see you guys later.
  3. fullset

    fullset Member

    Awesome story

    So I've been sick since last evening, managed to come to work, feel shitty as hell, and have taken a good 40 minutes to read your entire journal. Very inspirational...and makes me feel marginally better. It was like watching a movie, and I guess you need to figure out how to get your ex into bed. That would make a perfect ending! On a different note, your story is truly inspirational, and although I'm not as far into the reboot as you are (I think day 12 no P, day 7 no MO), I take courage from your progression.

    Keep up the good work!
  4. finallyfaund

    finallyfaund New Member

    im on day 65, been doing the same thing in the mornings. need to stop it. when do you do it?
  5. Dilem

    Dilem New Member

    Day 75/36

    thank you guys for the responces.

    i've been really busy getting into a new job, i had to prove myself and so that's where most of my time went into. i havent really had any time to be social, let allone arrange a meet for a booty call. the job was my main priority for the last few weeks. but on the upside i did get the job so it wasn't all for nothing. i'm employed again, a job with a great future, so i'm happy as can be.

    @ finallyfaund; also mostly in the morning or in the shower but ocationally in the evening. i know i shouldn't do it but at this point i don't really think it still matters that much. i don't think it sets you back in the reboot, it propably just slows it down but since i've already made more progress than i could have imagined i'm not going to stress about it. i don't even think masturbating at this point (no porn, just sensation) would be a bad thing but i'm going to hold out on that one for a little longer just for good measure. i will however always be on the lookout for possible chaser effects.

    i've observed something lately aswell, i feel like i've got different types of boners. i used to have my porn boner and that was it but lately i've noticed a difference. i've got my morning wood which is the hardest type of boner, rock hard, pointing straight upwards and really hard to push down. and then there's this other type (which is usually when i want to get hard or when i stimulate myself to get hard) which is shorter but a lot bigger in girth. it doesn't point straight upwards instaid it feels heavy. i don't know if this is normal or if it's just that i never noticed because i always had my "porn boner" but it's fascinating how big of a difference there is between the 2
  6. Dilem

    Dilem New Member

    P/M/O 83/1/1

    yeah you read it right i jacked off last night. thought it was about time. but since i used to have trouble using condoms i tried masturbating with a condom which was quite a new experiance but pleasurable none the less as opposed to not feeling anything in the past when wairing a condom.

    nothing else to ad at the moment and propably not a lot in the future. perhaps i'll drop by when i have sex to let you know what progress i made in that department but for the most part i consider myself cured. i'm a totally different person than i was 3 months ago. i can't encourage all of you enough to keep it up it's all worth it in the end.
  7. liveinthenow

    liveinthenow New Member

    Thanks for the update 8) Good to hear when people make it!

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