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Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by Dilem, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Psychosis

    Psychosis Guest

    Yep, I'm in full agreement with TheUnderdog in finding this to be a good development. I'm really hoping I arrive where you're at in the coming months.

    Are you getting any of that increased confidence around women, that a lot of rebooters talk about? If so, why don't you go to some club and pick up a one-night-stand or something, test out the equipment. I would do that over going to a prostitute, but both are infinitely better than PMO.
  2. darkknight3313

    darkknight3313 New Member

    Wow man. I long for the days of getting instantly hard by the sight of a real woman. Not only that, just wanting a real woman in general. Your story is an inspiration and exactly what I like reading on this forum. I'm a week in and noticing slight morning wood though it fades as soon as I wake up. Completely flaccid and no feeling down there during the day however.

    Your experiences with condoms are identical to mine. Haven't been able to successfully use one my whole life. Thank god I'm disease free and no kids. That's thanks in part to me being careful and only selecting "safe" prospects for sex.
  3. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member

    This is one of the most common ways people get STDs.

    The golden rule: Do not have unprotected sex with ANYONE until you both test together, no matter how "clean" and "safe" she looks and behaves.
  4. Dilem

    Dilem New Member

    thanks everyone for the responses i really enjoy being an inspiration, your encouragement keeps me on track. i have no doubt that this is what a man should feel like, getting hard whenever you feel like it (and even when you shouldn't). i can't urge you all enough to keep it up.

    i'm only 55 days into my reboot and look where i stand opposed to the start of my reboot. i'm O free for 16 days now and man am i loaded. i really need to get laid soon.

    i do not have ANY women in my life at the moment, ever since i've stopped doing drugs (about 2 years ago) i haven't had a female friend, hell even a female accuantance. and i agree if a women were to accompany me to the bed, she wouldn't know what was going to happen to her.

    let me answer your question by describing what i did last thursday. I got ready to go out, took a permanent marker, wrote the words "place boobs here" in the palms of my hands and went out to a bar and an irish pub, raising my hands to every women that passed by.

    i can't say the text was effective but is sure as hell is a nice opener to start talking to someone. i can say for certain that your confidence goes up. i never would have gone out allone, let allone write something on my hand like that. i also noticed that eye contact is something that's really improved. i used to be able to watch someone in the eyes once ever so often when i was talking to them but now i practically stare people down. doesn't matter if it's a guy or a woman.

    @ darkknight; i can't say for certain what's up with the condom part for now since i only had one experiance with it since i started the reboot. and while i do agree with TheUnderdog about unprotected sex i know what it's like to not be able to fuck with one. i do however know that my girlfriend back then was clean since i popped her flower and i haven't had unprotected sex since then.

    i plan on going out more often to try and meet some girl who's willing but i'm by far not a pickup artist nor the best looking guy. i am however confident that should i get the chance to go home with a girl i won't have to worry about not being able to perform.
  5. Psychosis

    Psychosis Guest

    This is some hilarious shit. I love this thread so much.
  6. Dilem

    Dilem New Member

    Day 56/17 of no PM/O

    wow temptation is growing really big right about now. i'm horny all day and so far there's no sight of releas any time soon exept for perhaps going to pay for it. i'm trying to hold out as long as i can to not go out and pay for sex but damn i really need to bust a nut.

    for the first time since the first few days of my reboot i really feel like masturbating. i can fight the urge tho no problem but i'm just so over the top horny. i like being horny but the lack of release is getting frustrating.

    i glanced at a picture of some breasts i came across on the net and i got so hard i had to open my pants in order not to scrape myself to death on my zipper. something that hadn't happened to me since i was like 14 years old. also whenever i read anything that involves even the slightest hint of sex i'm hard instantly.

    i can't wait for the weekend to begin so i can go out and try to get me some. i'm actively going to be looking for a girl i can get into the sac.
  7. finallyfaund

    finallyfaund New Member

    Hey Dilem when you say you are horny all the time do you feel horny when your not surrounded by women, or horny when your surrounded by women? Or both? Im a week or two behind you but ive spent most of the time feeling really not interested. Ive found it easy not to PMO cos i have no drive even when i see a hot girl.
  8. Dilem

    Dilem New Member

    both. i get turned on by women a lot. and the thought of women and what i'd do to them (nothing extreme or anything like before the reboot) nearly drives me crazy. but when i'm allone and i'm thinking about anything at all it all ends up in me thinking about sex and i get horny and hard.

    Day 57/18

    raging morning wood for half an hour, check.
    horny as fuck, check.

    i got this really awkward boner at work today. i was in this van we took to drive to a nearby buildingsite and i got hard, out of nowhere. no women in the naborhood, no sexual thoughts, no stimulation. completely out of nowhere. it stayed hard for about 10-15 minutes. let me tell you, having a hardon in the midst of 3 guys is awkward as fuck. luckely nobody noticed.

    another thing i'd like to mention is that i've noticed my flacid size has increased aswell. i'm pretty sure i've never been that big in flacid state. erect it's still the same but i don't seem to 'deflate' completely. not complaining tho, makes me a lot more comfortably in the mensroom or peeing in public.
  9. Dilem

    Dilem New Member

    day 59/20

    i'm officially declaring my morning wood to be cured. i wake up every day with a 100% hardon that stays up untill i get out of bed and go to the bathroom. yesterday morning i had set my alarm clock 1 hour early by accident so i stayed in bed, half awake, for over an hour and i was hard the entire time.

    i don't have a lot more to say for now, nothing new's happened
  10. spinergy

    spinergy New Member

    Great news!

    Keep strong.
  11. Dilem

    Dilem New Member

    day 60/21 of no pm/o

    i took a tremendous hit in my selfconfidence last night. i had been drinking some beers and was driving around the prostitute nabourhood. i decided to enter and pay for this cute readhead, thinking it's about time for some release. i signalled the girl and i even drove around back to the parking lot but when i got there i was struck with an enormous sence of anxiety. like the performance anxiety i got when i knew i wasn't going to be able to get it up. i started my car again and just drove off.

    now i felt awefull after that and i still do. i know paying for sex isn't something to be proud of but chickening out seems somehow even worse. i don't know if i'd had done the same thing 21 days ago since i wasn't by myself then. i had friends in the car with me so chickening out wasn't an option. i was allone yesterday so i had to much time to think about it i guess.

    i'm guessing i'm not as far allong in my reboot as i thought i was since the thought of sex still causes anxiety rather than arousal.

    on a different subject i have been talking to my ex more often lately and i've decided that instaid of beating around the bush i'm just going to strait up tell her i'd like to have sex with her again. i'm going to make it clear that i do not want to get back together but that it's a physical thing. i know for a fact that she hasn't had any sexual relationships since we broke up and i'm working on the assumption that she'd like to get off aswell.

    whatever the answer may be i don't have anything to lose. we're not in contact a lot and i haven't seen her in person since we broke up so it's not like i'd be losing a close friend. worst case senario is she's not interested and we both carry on with our lives.

    anyways happy easter everyone. even tho i'm bummed out right now i'm sure it'll turn around. recovery has its ups and downs and it had been a while since my last down. staying positive tho, as should all of you.
  12. Psychosis

    Psychosis Guest

    Yes, if you look at ssk08's journal, he too has been having some lows recently. Hang in there.
  13. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member


    With the exception of the very first time I visited a prostitute, I was never relaxed during my first visits.

    I always felt anxiety, shortness of breath and butterflies in my stomach as I approached the brothels or bars. Most of the time I had to take a shit so that I could feel some relief.

    It's completely normal and I believe it's different from the performance anxiety that leads to ED. The nervousness almost always goes away as soon as we start undressing and touching each other.

    To this day I still get that feeling sometimes when I visit prostitutes.

    You've only done it once before. Don't expect to be super relaxed and calm.

    In the end it turned out to be a good thing though. You still haven't orgasmed.

  14. Dilem

    Dilem New Member

    thank you guys for the support i really appreciate it.

    i guess i should focus more on real relationships rather than prostitutes after all su perhaps it's a good thing i chickened out. doesn't take away the shame tho.

    i'm going to wait it out and focus more on my new job for now.

    i still intend to ask my ex to get together for sex tho. i'm chatting with her as we speak but seeing as to how it's easter and she's on a laptop in her grandparents house it doesn't quite feel like the time to bring it up (her family was less than pleased when i dumped her back then). i'm also still trying to work out how i'm going to break it to her. i know i can get her so far but i shoudn't mess anything up in order for it to work.

    anyways i'll keep you posted
  15. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member

    That's right.

    You should only visit a prostitute if you really CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE.

    Don't do it for testing your erections or because of curiosity.
  16. Dilem

    Dilem New Member

    day 61/22

    totally missed the fact that i'm 2 months into this reboot and i've reached my initial goal. totally slipped by me yesterday. let me take this opportunity to thank everyone for the support once more. i couldn't have gotten this far without the input you guys provided and the confort of reading other people's storys. i truely feel my life has changed and not watching porn or masturbating really isn't a burden anymore and i urge everyone to hold on to that knowledge.

    @ Cleanhands (nice name by the way) i'm glad to be inspirational, i will keep posting here to help people keep up the good work, i'll be sure to have a look at your journal later.

    i woke up this morning with a raging hard-on fell asleep again and woke up again in a puddle of cum. i damn nearly shot a hole in my matrass. wet dream. and i feel great today. the sexual tention has decreased a big deal which is a releave. i still don't see a wet dream as a cause to reset the orgasm counter.

    i have been drinking already today tho but i feel confident, creative (guitar etc) and content with my curent situation. i haven't felt this good about where i stand in life in years and i know my reboot's a big contributer to this feeling.

    keep up the good work guys, it's not in veign!!
  17. Congratulations dude! So what's next for you?
  18. Dilem

    Dilem New Member

    thank you.

    well my reason for this reboot is to get rid of ED and get confortalbe enough around women to get them into bed. this goal remains, i don't feel it's neccecary to set another goal for an amount of days i should reach since i don't intend to go back to how things were. eventually i'll stop counting anyways.

    and while i feel like i've really changed i still think there's things that need time/work.
  19. Dilem

    Dilem New Member

    Day 62/23

    had a very neutral day today. not overly horny but i still had my good ol' hardon this morning. got hard thinking about how i was going to ask my ex to go to bed with me on my way home.
    and while i'm on the subject i really want to ask her to have sex with me. i got it all planned out in my head how i'm going to ask her but when i'm talking to her i can't seem to bring it up. i know that in order for me to know where i'm at i just have to go all in and ask her straight up but whenever i talk to her it never comes up.

    i'll have another go at it later. anyways nothing else to add. it's my last week of internship and my focus is curently elswhere since the outcome of this internship will decide my future job so my libido ain't my main "quest" right now.
  20. Dilem

    Dilem New Member

    Day 67/28

    been a while since my last post again so i thought it'd be time for an update.

    i believe i had blue balls for a few days. nuts were extremely sensitive, especially the right one, running was out of the question. it's better today tho. as for me being horny it's been on and off really, like last week was less horny but since this friday it's been back. i've considdered going to a prostitute but ever since my last week i've been on edge about it. i still can't help getting the thought of what would happen if i go in, wether or not i'm going to be able to get it up.

    that aside i'm really becoming more sensitive down there and i feel like the slightest stimulation is going to make me pop. like really when i wake up i have to make sure i don't grind the bed or i'll need a change of underpants. i kind of like that but it makes me thing that if i should get together with a girl i won't last longer than a minute or so which is kind of discouraging. i think it'd be the complete opposite of my delayed orgasm a few years ago. it's good for me don't get me wrong and say i go out and pay for sex it's even a good thing (seeing as if you take too long you have to pay extra) but say i meet a girl i want to be able to please her in a way she won't soon forget. i really get off on making a girl scream in pleasure.

    that's all for now, hoping you're all doing great, haven't really got the time to keep up on everyones journal lately.

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