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  1. Hey guys,

    I lost about 90 pounds a few years ago, but I've noticed it has slowly been coming back on. I would like to start a healthy lifestyle diet that I can continue on a regular basis. I don't want it to be a fad and just come with temporary weight loss and then go back up. I've read about Paleo and Lean gains and was wondering if anyone has done this on a long term basis. Also, I'm open to other diets or advice. I'm in college and trying to get something started fairly soon.

  2. Reginald

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    Hi DazedandConfuzed,

    Yes. My way of eating is Primal.
    It's basically Paleo + an option for dairy, starchy vegetables, and some white rice if you need the carbs. So, it's mostly animal stuff and hella vegetables.
    I went from 175 to 150 in about 9 months.
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    I do paleo as well.

    My experience with paleo is as follows:

    -I've never felt better in my life
    -I've never looked better in my life
    -Never got as much attention from girls in my life
    -Never been asked, "you been working out bro?" as much in my life
    -Mental clarity
    -No grogginess, less physical fatigue

    Thats just me. Some people can't process the refined and unnatural substances that are the main composition of modern day diets. Like me for example. I can't eat gluten or dairy.

    Its not easy though. As you do it longer it becomes easier.

    Heres a good intro to paleo:

    If you want to know anything else about it, let me know.
  4. leannfit

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    stilll gaining weight?
    what's your game plan?
  5. Giuseppe Garibaldi

    Giuseppe Garibaldi [url=

    Currently I'm vegetarian and eat whole food.I'm losing weight (I'm goig to the gym) and I'm feeling good.
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    primal? yeah, caveman are white rice, sure
    need carbs?
    no, you don't NEED carbs,

    get a decent amount of protein, beware processed foods are going to increase risk for cancer
    . A systematic review indicated that up to 500 g (18 oz) weekly of red meat can be consumed without cancer risk. However, review panelists could not de-
    termine a safe consumption level for processed meat; cancer risk was shown to increase with any consumption of processed meats

    eat a few grams of omega-3, you should know this, the body cannot make omega-3s, so you gotta eat them, and they do tons of essiental crap in the body
    Lyle mcdonald explains why here

    if you read the 1st link, you'll see fruits/veggies that have natural nitrates are important, ie greens, ie spinach, rhubarb, kale...
    get at least 1-3grams of vitamin C. since all mammals but humans/apes/guinia pigs make it in their body, we have a GLU defect so we need it from our diet
    get enough B vitamins
    Vit C and B vitamins are water soluable, so if you dont use what you eat, you pee it out., take more
    -dont get fat...your in colllege? so everything in life is going to be based on how you look, do you ever look at a fat girl? dont be fat
    eat veggies and protein and since you are in your 20s, get carbs to grow on....just dont get fat

    also get your
  8. leannfit

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    why a vegetarian ?
    eat eggs then
    get b vitamins
    you need both to grow, and/or look good
  9. breath

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    stay out of the aisles. shop in he produce and meat sections. Eat, natural things that our ancestors ate. you'll save money buying the things in their correct edible state before processing made them terrible.
  10. leannfit

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    strong words
  11. @leannfit. I've been on this forum for a couple of years now and i've rarely come across a discussion where you DON'T confront or disagree with someone. I'm not saying that you haven't at some point had a nice civil discussion on here, it's just that i've never seen one.

    There's a saying "you can be right or you can be happy".
  12. leannfit

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    look at this thread, look at the post above this one, it's me agreeing with a guy
    I've noticed you noticing me and I realize you try to stir the pot wherever you go

    go try to cause DRAMA in a different forum, us men are doing work here 8)
    there is a saying, mind your own business,, LOL sheesh man, buy a clue
  13. Giuseppe Garibaldi

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    I take periods of vegetarianism,and I like them.I can't see the difference in strenght.
  14. leannfit

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    rightly so
    nothing wrong with being a veggie, I hardly eat meat, but be sure to get enough protein and B vitamins
  15. You said "strong words". Usually that doesn't have the implication of agreement.

    And im pretty sure you've confused me with someone else.
  16. leannfit

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    "strong words",, means agreement,
    is English not your first language?
    you are all about causing drama, eh?
    go stir the pot elsewhere, no one has time for your useless posts

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