Did I blow it?

Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by doesntmatter, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. doesntmatter

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    Hey guys, been lurking for a bit and yet I still find this topic hazey. I'll skip the details and get to the point. I've been dealing with this issue forever, definitely found hope in this method and have found it beneficial for sure. Im about 60 days in. Feeling okay, the periods of lull have been very real. Id been seeing improvements, slight increased libido, morning wood etc. but in the past week I MO 4 times...no porn, pure mental thinking about the girl ive been seeing. Right now im feeling pretty guilty. Did I just set myself back a bunch? I'm so disappointed in myself. I honestly havent watched porn at all since starting and at this point have zero (and I mean zero) interest in it. I just want to be normal again so I can enjoy a normal relationship with the girl ive been seeing. Yet I feel like having MO I can literally feel the setback. Am I paranoid? Whats the damage guys?
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    More than twice is a relapse. Either way, its nothing to beat yourself up about. You have stayed off porn successfully- that is a plus!

    Just start again from where you are without any guilty feelings and make a commiment to avoid MO as well
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    I certainly will, thanks dude. I'm just so disappointed with myself because I had been doing so well. This might be stupid specific, but do you (or anyone else that wouldn't mind weighing in) think I damaged my progress? I mean if I've been at it for 60+ days did I just turn back the clock?

    I guess I shouldn't worry about it too much. Been doing this for myself first and foremost I suppose, but mainly for the sake of hoping to save my current relationship. My worry stems from an imaginary timeline where if I don't figure my shit out she's gonna leave me/friend zone me. Stressing it, not gonna try to hide it.
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    No one in particular honestly. And I may not even be right. This is based on my therapy training.

    I've found that differentiating between a "slip" (once) and a "relapse" (more than once) is a simple way to help guys avoid guilt while recovering.

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