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    Day 451/379

    Last night, I just discovered why I'm not initially attracted to women, until I have a connection between us: I'm a demisexual. Yeah, I can get aroused and a boner from my fantasies, but in real life unless I somehow bonded with a girl, I can't get excited.

    And after last night, I learned I can use it to my advantage. But that may be difficult, considering my introverted part of my personality, but I'm fortunately a very patient man, so I'll know when the time comes. Keep in mind I have no romantic attraction towards anybody, whatsoever, so if you say that I'm an aromantic demiheterosexual, you are probably right.
  2. gameover

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    I as well can get boners very easily from thoughts of girls but haven't had that experience in real life yet. Don't be so quick to box yourself into something that you may not be. If you keep thinking this then it will become a reality.
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    No offense, but you clearly don't understand squat what it's like being asexual to any degree so I'm going to tell you like it is; if you never were aroused by a girl when you first meet her, but only until you somehow bonded with her, or if you never been sexually aroused by anyone, at all, chances are, you'll always be that way.

    The fact is, this has already been the reality long before I realized this. Trust me, it's no excuse; it's who I am. You'd have to be a fuckin' pigheaded idiot to not believe that, Gameover. If you are indeed one, I'd not be surprised.

    On top of this, and I just realized another thing: I can only get aroused easily by thoughts when it's with some people who I bonded with that got me excited before, or even with people who I believe I can feel this connection with. Which means if I try to sexually think about a total random stranger, it won't work. Ever.

    So I advise you do your research on asexuality before you try to tell me what my sexual orientation is, because it sounds to me like you need to get educated, dude. Just sayin'.
  4. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    If you just used Google to diagnose yourself then you would be the idiot and not me, Your not a professional and neither am I. Merely suggested that you should try not to box yourself into a category and say "well i am this and i can never function any other way." Do what you want because i couldn't care less, you sound like a pretentious fuck wit but good luck to you.

    Oh and its been what... 2 days since you discovered this?

  5. rcfergie5

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    lol@this Fuck you, too, sweetheart.

    yeah, I used it to diagnose myself, because I now know why women don't attract me until I connected well enough with them. When I first realized this, I did my research and found the word disexual, and everything clicked.. Honestly. Me, a pretentious fuck wit? If this was last year, you would've been dead right. But I was just saying that I was lying to myself then, and I had been for all these years, even allowing society to pressure me to be someone I'm not. Until now.

    So you're done with me. Good. Good riddance to sad little rubbish like you.. Come to think of it, I truly never gave a shit about you, not even the moment we met. And here's the hardest truth: if you were dead tonight, I could give a shit about that. Apparently everytime you posted something on my journal, we always have this tension, so I'm glad you're no longer posting here, cuz I just don't even care if you're dead now, and I damn sure don't care if you never overcome porn addiction, you sad excuse of a man. You're a fuckin joke and you fucking know it. How's that for some hard truths, little boy?

    Speaking of not caring, I care nothing about this forum, anymore. I can't believe I am still wasting my time with this liability, here. At least I am extremely confident I'm on NoFap and NoPorn for life, you all can count on that. Besides Gameover here (yeah, that's the right username for this huge cunt, alright. It's game over for him, for life rofl), good luck to the rest of you all who posted on my journal. Nice knowing y'all, and best wishes. Thanks for helping me keep off the fucking porn with all that support.
  6. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Well i hope you do overcome your porn addiction and i certainly dont wish death upon you. I smiling right now thinking about how stupid you look writing all this. Good luck mate.
  7. Chammorrow

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    If this is really your personality...then I say good riddance

    No one deserves those sentiment and definitely not gameover....
  8. TheUnderdog

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  9. tsmith1302

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    It's an anxiety barrier. Nothing more. It's easy to be aroused jacking off, and a lot more difficult to feel it in the moment. This demisexual stuff sounds like a bunch of hot air and Gameover is right to question it.

    And Fergie, calm your ass down. For real. There's no reason to say that kind of shit to people. You seriously chose the worst possible note to leave on. I wish you no luck whatsoever.
  10. J.P.

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    LMFAO fergie had a meltdown.

    What a joke.
  11. rcfergie5

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    Hey everybody; I also greet Marnia Robinson and Gary Wilson. Yes, this is really me, the guy who had a serious breakdown and left. I actually hadn't bothered looking this up until just recently, in fact I just took a long, hard look at the whole thing, and although I just wanted to say my attitude and thus my whole life has taken a 180 degree turn in spite of some (little) problems I still have (addictions--which are getting weaker by the moment--to fapping, caffeine, ect.. I even looked at porn briefly these last couple days, even last night... Other than that, I am able to control myself now, forgive myself and move on, as I forgive others, no matter how much they harmed me, and move on, I have lived my childhood with a family who thought poorly, complained about everything, had bills to pay constantly, argued with one another, I've even been screamed at by my parents, and now even the family is getting better, as I am getting better) since the leave, I fully realize just now what I said was not only childish, immature and stupid, it was really messed up, and I solemnly take responsibility for it. It's a miracle that this little shred of dignity and sanity I had left, motivated me to give up my unhappy, miserable, cynical ways.

    As a matter of fact, I have been focusing most of my life on self-improvement, now I'm hardly watching TV everyday, I'm online as often as I want to, I listen to music, I watch mostly movies that don't contain nudity, I am hardly cursing, I listen to subliminal messages and hypnosis consistently (I do recommend George Hutton, especially), I have friends and family to spend time with, I've been saving money, I'm building a great quality life, and I'm even reading self-help and law of attraction books, and since I got serious with LOA recently, I been using it to attract an ideal relationship, ideal life (because for me, that's my career), become a billionaire job-free, focus on harnessing my sexual energy (especially for a fap-free happy high quality life )I even used it to stop attracting unwanted drama online by focusing on having a life free of drama, and now I focus on everything, every thought, every feeling, every vibration that benefits me.

    One last thing before I leave on the best terms, moments after I just read the whole thing, I just wanted to do the most righteous thing possible and sincerly apologise to everybody. I'm not expecting anyone of you to forgive me, I just thought you all should know this, and I sure just want you all to understand.. And if I can turn my life around, so can all of you. Because as you can tell, I have my priorities and life in order. Finally, as your parting gift, godspeed everyone.
  12. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Best of luck mate.

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