Detailed 1-90 day report (*complete 90day reboot* with charts&stats)

Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by delightful, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. iHaveSeenEvil

    iHaveSeenEvil Do it for her, the mother of my children.

    I think you should continue posting here, but maybe not as frequently.

    Personally, i supremely have enjoyed your charts and having someone to relate to with this flatline has been exceptional.

    I encourage you to search out your life and one day overcome this tragedy porn has created for us.
    I regret never starting a chart, you are an inspiration.

    You've had a good run, if you decide to return, I will probably be here for a while until I recover.

    Cheers, my friend.
  2. delightful

    delightful New Member

    Thank you Mr. Evil!

    I don't think I could have completed 90days without the extra motivation from YBP and my deep desire to not humiliate myself by fucking up in the middle of my test ;)

    Also, make sure you do everything to block access to porn. You need to take this seriously. Get the K9 Internet app - figure out a way to block damn twitter because I still managed to find P last week on it
  3. delightful

    delightful New Member

    Btw, I MOed today because I deserved it and I feel fantastic.
    Perfect to unwind, I feel WAY less tension and my social skills had a little boost.
    I highly recommend cleaning the pipes after a reboot!

    Alright, back to conquering the planet - I wish the best for you all.cheers.
  4. Tongya Kupana

    Tongya Kupana New Member

    No binging!

    And congrats dude ;)
  5. delightful

    delightful New Member

    just checking in

    I released the weekend after I completed the challenge and from there life skyrocketed. I felt the best I've felt in my entire life.

    I can still hear the echo of my thoughts 'this is perfect..I cant wait for the rest of my life like this'

    I wasnt even horny, and that was my concern. Sunday I was edging and relapsed 3 times.
    I was trying to edge because I read a link that said you need to keep your Sir Dixalot working or else the muscles go away, causing it to shrink.

    I have no idea whether to release weekly, monthly, do more 90day streaks. I have no idea if I'm actually causing damage or already have caused damage. I have no clue.

    I feel careless.
  6. Apeman

    Apeman It means you're a baboon... And I'm not

    You delightful bastard!

    Congratulations on completing the 90-challenge like a boss!

    And thank you for tracking, formatting, and publishing your data for the edification of this board. The numbers certainly do not lie, as you've said, and your results are very exciting.

    It looks like all your metrics are trending upward. I hope you continue to keep us all abreast of your progress as you escape into space.

    Again, thank you and congratulations!
  7. Blufalco

    Blufalco Member

    delightful congrats on making the 90 days clean! I only wish I had started my journey the same time as yours.

    However, I am a little confused. It sounded like you were in serious flatline, then sometime between day 88 - 90 you got your boner back? So you came out of flatline then?
  8. Saadz

    Saadz New Member

    How are you doing now? would you please update us?

    I've gone through 100+ days, and I'm still feeling symptoms no better then Day 1.

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