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    I went to a trampoline park last night and bounced for about 60 minutes. It was fun. But I didn't feel completely "better". I went last time, and I felt lots of euphoria from it but that was before my PIED. Do you think it now has something to do with my chronic PIED because of how my dopamine receptors are after years of masturbation to porn?
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    you are overthinking this
  3. If you've been PMOing regularly, there is a good chance you're brain has been altered to some degree. PIED is just a symptom of your brain being screwed up so badly by PMO or even just lots of M. Overtime any kind of self-stimulation is bound cause those brain changes to some degree. And that can have fallout to other areas of your life like not feeling happy normally or being less social etc..

    Only way to know for sure... quit porn and masturbation for good. Time will tell.

    Because seriously... there is NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain :)

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