Depressed during flatline.

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    Hey guys. I'm 19 and its safe to say that I'm a porn addict. Started wanking around 11 and started wanking to porn at around 13. 6 long years of wanking to porn every day before I had any sexual activity. When I lost my virginity it took forever to get it anywhere near up but it was strong enough for insertion. Put it down to being drunk at first but soon found this site and I knew it was the reason! Ive since shagged 4 more girls, when I say shagged I mean getting a 3/4 nob on then thumbing it in and thrusting for a while before giving up. Its scary that I m so un entertained by real sex. Getting sucked off is so bloody boring for me it literally shrinks when im getting one. that's so fucked up!! I've watched porn once in 6 months and that was only because it was on my fb feed and it was too hard to resist. Other than that porn has been very easy to quit. For me it has been a humongous struggle to stop masturbating. I'd go a week then wank, then 2 weeks then wank but struggled to eliminate it completely.

    I have also become a stoner since I've started University which ive only recently figured out that has been slowing my progress. When I light up all I think about is sex and its been the cause of a few relapses as its harder to resist when under the influence (by relapse I mean just having a wank). I'd get a massive buzz from masturbating because I knew that I was giving in and that I shouldn't be doing it. Therefore, giving me huge dopamine surges. Anyway, ive been doing pretty well recently Ive only edged once in the last 2 months. Id gone nearly 2 weeks of getting high everyday, started to feel abit shit so stopped for a few days. That's when I realised something, I was in a flatline which is so weird because I'm 6 months into no porn and I'm only just flatlining?? How does that happen? Anyone else have this??

    I've also seemingly simultaneously to the flatline become depressed. I've never felt like this before its so bad I just want to be normal again. Anyone else get depressed during flatline and if so how longs it last!!?? Its so annoying because I want to smoke weed to make me feel better but I know that's not good for my progress. Also im unsure whether smoking so much weed has made me depressed as opposed to the flat line. I've experienced a psychotic episode in the past which was related to my drug use so that's why im questioning it. Would love to know whether its the flatline or my drug use that has made me so depressed, I hope its the flatline because I know it will eventually come to an end. Ive been put off weed regardless as its scared me how fragile my sanity is. Right, to present day now im still in flat line, have been for a little over a week I think. I had morning wood though this morning so I thought that I was back to normal and I did perk up a lot felt like i wasn't depressed anymore, but nope still in flatline and the depression is back. Is it normal to get morning wood during flatline but not fully come out of it? I cant even get a semi thinking about sex with this girl I fancy so im deffo still in it. Anyway positives are that I see girls different now I actually fancy them and for the first time I really want a girlfriend whereas before I could not be bothered in the slightest, was so disinterested. That's me done I think, would love some answers to my questions!
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    I feel you bro,I'm 18 , been having a serious PIED for about a year and since a month or so i have started my reset.Ive got to a point where im like asexual i cant get aroused by girls at all,like what used to arouse me before just looking at girls butt,tits does NOTHING.Lately ive been in a serious depression with even suicidal thoughts.
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    Hey dude, I've just read back on my old posts and seen this interaction. How are you doing with it all? I've managed to resolve all of what I said and have reversed my PIED and depression!
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    Sounds like a good opportunity to write a post in the success story section. Curious to hear more about it!
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    I agree with Gilgamesh here. If you have anything to say about your successful reboot we would be happy to hear it. This place could always do with some success stories.

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